Friday, July 31, 2015

Ideas For The Sewing Room

Yesterday was a hot one for us. The temperature rose quickly and it didn’t stop until it got to 35.7C or 96.3F. Today is going to be hotter again. It is summer here and we have to expect this heat. We have had cooler morning (16C or 61F) which is great but our morning will be a bit warmer over the next few days.


It was a long day spent in the downstairs bedroom. What a lot of work to get 75% of the room painted. I was tired and aching when I got done.


That was the orange wall and the next one is the long wall.


Well, it was the long one until I did the wall on the other side of the room. A closet was in the mix making more wall to paint. When done I took two Advil and a diet Coke.

Sewing Room

I keep lamenting that my poor sewing room is a huge mess. It has been distressing for me as I want it to look tidy and organized. I am still trying to get this room planned in my head so I can move forward. I did find a floor plan that I liked and will be trying that out.


The colours are chosen for the walls and the trim. We finally got that figured out and I am thrilled with that. Then it came down to decorating - accent colours, storage ideas, etc.

I did some pintrest searches and got a couple of ideas.

  1. LLadybird's Sewing Room has a unique layout and isn’t what I have but she has some neat ideas for storage. The one big ideas I got from her was the cart she rolls out from under the cutting table. Ideas are floating for this one. I will have to look around.
  2. Diary of a Renaissance Sewer's Studio is full of ideas. Very full where as I want the less is more idea. But……… she uses storage cubes to hold her supplies which is something I want to do. She built a great cutting/pressing table which I love but, at this time I will keep my cutting table. I love how she has a mix of red and green fabric boxes to hold items in. I will be doing that.

    I noticed that her room does not have a closet in it. My room does and that is where a lot of my fabric and pattern drafting items will be stored. She also has a computer area which I don’t think is going to happen in my room though I do have to house all the internet/TV modems. I want to have a TV and DVD in that room also. That will be housed in the cubes which will be 5 or 6 high. Plenty of storage.

As I was resting last night, I came up with the beginning plan for the room. Basically, the room will be painted True Taupewood and the mouldings, baseboards and door will be painted Worn Cedar. The furniture is white as I am keeping what I have. I decided to have red and green accents and am now going to pull in a creamy yellow as another accent colour. Only a tiny bit of it though. It is slowly coming together and I am looking forward to doing this room.

Today the plan is to finish painting the downstairs room and start painting the trim. Another long day in that room but I am nearing the end. That makes me happy.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Thursday, July 30, 2015

OCD, Stubborn, and Determined

Yesterday was the start of our 30+C weather. It got to 31.7C or 89F. The mornings are cool 16C or 60F which is nice. We can open the house up, cool it off and the a/c doesn’t run until noonish in the hot weather. Today it is suppose to be hotter.


Donna, I really have become OCD, stubborn, and determined to get the basement ready to rent by Sept. 1. So much so, I don’t sleep well and am tired most evenings. It is a cycle I am going through right now and I will calm down when the downstairs kitchen is done. The walls in that room are lime green. I think the bright colours are jarring my nerves as I like calmer colours and knowing I have to put two coats of primer takes lots of time.


The second thing that has been upsetting me was our house was still listed for sale for almost a month after we bought it. The listing real estate agent didn’t deal very well with my request to have the listing removed. She was almost confrontational about having to take the listing down off the internet.


The orange walls got the second coat of primer on them. I was about 90 minutes doing the job including clean up. They look so much better in my mind.


The ceilings by the door and closet got painted in the afternoon, another 90 minute job and they look good. I have a couple of ceiling tiles to touch up. Another job done in that room. Yes! Moving forward.

I worked in the laundry room and cleaned it up a bunch. I was tired of things in boxes and a storage unit sitting empty. I put in two shelves and will put in a third one later on. On that shelf will go a tub with all the cleaning rags in it.


I have one more box to unpack and the cleaning supplies are done. I am going to use up the supplies I have and then buy only those I love. I got carried away trying out products in the other house.

We had to go out and get more supplies in the afternoon. We are using them up faster than you can imagine. We got all of it at one store and stopped in at another store to get paint chips for the upstairs, especially the sewing room. Ended up with a kitchen colour on top of it all. Interesting concept as I am the lady who wants neutral. When I started the Marie Kondo book, I wrote what I wanted:

To live in a home that is warm and cosy yet open and welcoming. Our home needs to have a western/lodge rustic feel to it that lets us enjoy our western heritage and allow us to relax after doing the busy things in our day. The look is to be casual comfortable but smart so we can enjoy ourselves but be prepared to entertain friends and family when they visit.

When I explained this to the lady who helped us with the paint colours, she got to work on colours. What she gave us were these colours. A pretty good match with our dishes and the African Plains colour will be in a small area only.


The first two colours will be the main colours upstairs. The living room accent is a darker taupe colour on the bottom right hand corner.


The sewing room will be one colour with the white trim but I will add red accents to it. I have a few ideas for that up my sleeve. Also, my first 5k shirt can be hung up in that room as it is red. Ideas are now flowing in my head which is good.

Today I will spend most of the day painting the downstairs room. The main colour will be put on the walls. I am sure that is the only job that will get done as it is a big room.

Until tomorrow…………………

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Not An Easy Job

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Lots of sunshine as the next warm/hot spell comes into our area. The high got to 29.4C or 85F. We are suppose to get as warm today and warmer for the rest of the week.


We started out the morning working the in the basement. The Spousal Unit did a bit of mudding and started to haul demo material out of the basement. He suddenly quit with a headache. It was gone by noon which was good but it left him feeling tired.

I primed the orange walls and some of the baseboards. I have a longer handle for the roller and it saves me countless trips up and down the ladder which saves my knees. I did all the cut in and then rolled.



The orange is still glowing through and a second coat of primer is needed. The cut in looks good so will check it out for some thin spots. I was finished just before lunch.

After lunch, I thought I would clean the smoker. An easy job, I thought. I can prime mid afternoon, I thought. The job took until 4:30 and I was exhausted from scrubbing. That easy job was a marathon cleaning spree. I had to use this degreaser to get the smoker clean.


This stuff works and I use it a lot. For the smoker, I sprayed, soaked, wiped and repeated many times and the results were great. There is a band around the heater that didn’t come completely clean but it is about 80% clean/shiny.

After the smoker was degreased, it was completely rinsed and wiped dry.


There is a reflection in there.


And because it is so clean and shiny, I broke out the cover and put it over the smoker.


Daughter-in-law said I can do theirs when I am over at the end of September. I will take that as a compliment. If the weather is nice when I am over there, I might just do it for her.

Today, I will prime the orange walls a second coat in the morning and then paint the ceiling in the afternoon. I really don’t have any “easy” projects to do today other than sweep and mop some floors between painting.

Until tomorrow…………………………

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Another Room Ready to Prime

Yesterday’s weather was cool until after a small rain. Then it hit a high of 26C or 78.6F. The storms have been around us causing my joints to ache like crazy. Though it is suppose to be warmer today, we will have those storms around us also. It is cloudy this morning and there has been a small shower gone through.


The walls are washed and the orange walls are ready to be primed. Yes, we are painting over them as this is to be rented out to people and we have been advised to use a neutral paint palette in the suite. What looked like “not too dirty” wasn’t. It took three buckets of soapy water to clean and that didn’t include the floor.

The window in that room had silver tape on it and the Spousal Unit got it off so I could scrub the window. He also put the first coat of mud on the tape in the living room. We finished about the same time; just before lunch.

After lunch we headed out to get painting supplies for this week. We also headed up to get some dishes. Which turned out to be and exploring trip also.

We had an extra piece in the fridge that we didn’t know what to do with. It turns out it holds pop cans and is for the fridge without the water/ice dispenser. Extra piece is now gone as we have the water/ice dispenser.

I had wanted this quilt for our bedroom. I actually hoped it would come in a duvet cover.

bedroom idea

We found it and the tan is not a grey tan but a yellow tan. We walked away from it as it isn’t the colour we wanted. On to the next idea which hasn’t begun to brew.

The last stop was to buy dishes. Our old dishes were over 25 years old. There was an issue with the glazing a couple of years after we bought them but the manufacturer would not recall them. Instead they discontinued the whole line of them. So we looked at a couple of sets I had picked out and chose these from Stokes. 


We can now choose our wall colour - the center of the dishes. I will get the paint swatches and start one shade lighter in the closets.

By the time we got home, we were tired and I was sore. We relaxed until bed time.

Today, the priming will be done - both coats on the orange walls and the baseboards. I may zip 7 minutes down the road to get the paint swatches for the upstairs. I do have to do some house work also. The Spousal Unit has to put another layer of mud on the wall downstairs today.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Monday, July 27, 2015

Second Room Started

Yesterday was another cool day. It actually showered which was nice for everyone including the marathon runners. It kept the temperatures down in the cool range. It certainly didn’t get too hot as we only got to 20.4C or 68.7F. Up on one of the main highways about 15 miles from the city, there was a heavy rain and hail storm leaving the road slippery. There were some accidents as a result of that storm.


We had a very busy day and both of us felt good and tired when we stopped at 3:30 p.m. After shopping in the morning, I primed the sewing room closet.


Now I need to decide on the colour. While I did that, the Spousal Unit cut the tape for mudding the wall he finished boarding yesterday. He also did a bit of sanding where he had mudded yesterday. A good start to the work day.

After lunch we both headed downstairs to work. After taking down the shelf in the closet, I worked in the second bedroom sanding the Halloween orange walls.


Yes, the closet is painted orange along with one wall.


As I finished the sanding, sweeping, and vacuuming, the Spousal Unit finished his mudding and filled in the holes in the closet and on the orange wall.


I showed the picture of my cookbooks to someone and they had a chuckle at how few I have.


One smoking meat book is missing as we are using to it prep for smoking pork ribs.

Today I am scrubbing the walls in the second bedroom. If all goes well, I will prime the orange walls and the baseboards and mouldings. I know that the orange walls will need 2 coats of primer. There should be time for me to go purchase both ceiling and wall paint in the afternoon. I am hoping to get the paint for the sewing room closet also.

Until tomorrow…………………………

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hurry Up and Wait Day With A Trip Down Memory Lane

It was a cool day yesterday with a high of 26.2C or 79F. It rained during the day, not as much in our part of town as it did further west of us. The wind blew hard last night and it brought in more rain. This morning is cool which is nice. Today is suppose to be our last cool wet day for a while.


It was a hurry up and wait day for me. I had been told our fibre optic line would be installed between 8 and 9 a.m. so I was ready for the technician to arrive. When I called at 10 a.m. to say not to cancel our copper internet connection, I was told that the technician would be working on our line between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and to keep my phone line open. For this inconvenience, the telephone/internet/TV company is giving us a credit on our bill.

So while I waited, I did a lot of little jobs. We got the new TV out of the box and set up so the technician could program it for us. Being a smart TV, it is a lot smarter than we are.

Next, I paid bills and cleaned up that pile of paper work. I then got out my mom’s old cookbook that she started collecting recipes in prior to her marrying dad in 1945. That poor recipe book has been through a lot. It is literally falling apart. The page are brittle, the writing has started to fade, and the recipes………some are old, others are terrific, and some tell a great story of family and friends who shared recipes back in the day. I remember it as a small child watching mom cook dinner, at the fishing camp they owned when I was a teenager and as an adult when I copied our favourites from it. Even Daughter has recipes from that book.

I did a trip down memory lane with that old cookbook. I read every one of those recipes, marked the ones I wanted to copy and had a few good laughs. Some of the small pieces of paper tucked in the book made me sad as I looked at mom’s writing when she was in the first stages of Alzheimer's. As I back tracked through the book referencing recipes to those I had already copied, I had three left to copy into my book. That job done, I thanked the book for it usefulness in mom’s life and the recipes that I loved as a child.

Though some of the recipes I copied will never be made again, I will look at them and remember my parents and the good times we had eating those foods. I call them comfort recipes. One in particular was a tapioca recipe for a dessert. It called for the eggs to be separated and orange rind was added with orange slices garnishing the top. As a family, we thought that was a pretty fancy dessert. I thought the recipe was on a slip of paper and had gotten lost. I was thrilled to find it copied in the book. It is a comfort recipe that may never get made again but I have it to remind me of those dinners when mom made it and how we loved it.

Once that job was done, I hauled out my recipe books and put them away in the cupboard designated for them. It took a while as I had to find a book end in a box. The number of cookbooks I own is relatively small. But each one brings me joy. I do use them though I tend to look for recipes online. The two cookbooks on smoking meat we have out quite often as we talk to Son and Daughter-in-Law about recipes in them.

I fussed after that as I couldn’t paint, I couldn’t go shopping, I couldn’t do a lot of what needed to be done. I was waiting and I hate waiting with nothing to do. Mid afternoon the technician arrived and life got busy helping him. The copper internet line was removed and the fibre optics line put in. We now have two new pieces of equipment added to what we already had in the sewing room. We have high speed (5G) internet which is wonderful. We had TV’s blaring upstairs and downstairs. By 4:30 p.m., we were done. The smart TV is set up and I need to read the book on what to do to get the internet on the screen. We can get YouTube at this point.

In the midst of the hurry up and wait day, the Spousal Unit got the drywall on the wall in the suite. Though only a dull off white, it made a huge difference as to the brightness of that area. He will have it done by next weekend and ready for priming. A job well done.

Today, we have to do some shopping and then I will prime the closet and start work in the next room in the suite. That means step one: sanding the walls that are painted Halloween orange. I need to be busy today as I got bored yesterday.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Keeping What We Need - Office Supplies

Yesterday the weather was cool. So cool the air conditioning didn’t come on until later in the afternoon. Today is to be equally as cool. 


The Spousal Unit thanks you for the birthday wishes. Ruthie, I call him that as it was a handle I came up with years ago. His name is Dave. His handle for me is the Bag Lady. Part of our sense of humour.

I haven’t read much on the Marie Kondo method of tidying over the past week as I have been quite tired at night. I also haven’t found all our jackets and my running gear that is packed in a variety of boxes. I stalled on clothes though I do think most, if not all, is to be kept.

That didn’t stop me when I decided to tackle the tubs of office items. Some of the items are emotional to me and I seemingly become more emotionally attached to them as start of school gets nearer.


I have, over time, collected school items and those items worked well with my literacy job. When the ads include school supply sales come out this past week, I had a huge emotional tug towards wanting to purchase more of those items. I had a mental talk with myself about school supplies, not doing literacy or tutoring and that I won’t be going there again. It was a tough love talk that I actually needed to give myself. It was due; almost past due. I was ready to let go after that mental discussion. It also helped that we don’t have the room to store it all either. That was a part of the mental discussion also.

The first tub I worked on was testimony to how much I had on hand that I no longer needed. As I stared into that long tub, I reflected on what I needed for:

  • Office
  • Sewing
  • Knitting

I sorted quickly. Trash, donate, keep. I thanked those items that went into the first two piles. I am happy with the items I kept. The next tub was the same and again, I sorted quickly. The third and fourth tubs were quick also. I then did a cloth bag I use as my purse when we fly to our son’s.


That garbage bag weighed between 5-8 pounds when it went out to the garbage can. When all was sorted out, I decided to use the antique server as our office center.


A picture when completed but not in its right home. The tub on the floor belongs in the sewing room when I have the Wi-Fi station set up on the shelving unit.

Below are all the pens and pencils we own. Don’t ask me how it got to that number as I really can’t tell you why. All I focused on was “We won’t be buying any for a long time”.


Also, I can say that we won’t be buying office supplies for a long time either. The drawer with books and paper are done and I have enough for in there for several years. I put twice as much as that into the donate pile.


The bottom two drawers house phone and geocaching books, what I keep for the accountant, passports and a few other small items we need. Behind the door is word puzzle books, photocopy paper, and the medical papers the Spousal Unit needs. A little secret ~ the office stuff was stored in a desk and part of the cabinet in the family room in our other house. That antique server had its own life holding a multitude of stuff we did not need.

In all it was a good early morning sort. The donate pile is now housed in two tubs and will be taken to the thrift store.

When I finished admiring what I got done, I headed into the sewing room and painted the closet ceiling two coats of white paint. It actually took longer to clean up than it did to paint the ceiling. It looks great.

I set up the Bullet Journal and have made progress in it. I had to watch the video on the site to get it started. I added a page called renovations costs for this house. On the Future Log pages, I have added dates of importance so we know at a glance what is happening each month. It isn’t a “write my thoughts journal”, it is a journal to keep track of our lives and what we are doing each month. I will keep track of the things we do daily in the house -- unpacking, renovations, sewing, knitting, etc. I want this to be a quick and easy thing to do on a daily basis. I am also giving it a trial run until the end of December.

We had dinner out at a small restaurant in a community that the Spousal Unit’s grandfather named after the community the family had lived in for many years (Rayleigh). The food was fabulous and we spent some time talking to the owner after we had eaten. A great way to end the day.

Today, we get fibre optics put in the house for higher speed internet. Then, it will be priming the closet and shopping. It is suppose to be a quieter day for us prior to working in the basement suite again tomorrow.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Friday, July 24, 2015

Moving Slowly

Yesterday was a 28.2C or 83F day. Though it was quite clear in the morning, the storm clouds built up to the south of us and kept rolling on by. Today is suppose to be cooler as will the next two days. Not unusual at this of the year to see cooler weather or a good rain storm.


Yesterday morning I moved slowly. I had muscles that ached and were sore from scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees. It wasn’t just arms and shoulders but back and butt.

We moved some furniture into the room I just painted. I cleaned them up so they can be used in the suite. One piece was mother-in-law’s treadle sewing machine. It will make a great TV stand. The other piece is an old corner desk.

I had hoped that I could clean a mini blind standing on the floor but that didn’t happen. I actually had to hang it and climb a ladder to clean it. It is done and ready to be shortened. The window is rewashed as is the floor. I shut the door to say it is done.

I got my dose of dust as I sanded the sewing room closet. After I cleaned it up, the cutting in of the primer got done.


The walls and the ceiling can now have the primer rolled on it. When I finished that job, I hobbled out of the room, cleaned up, and called it a day. I was exhausted and ever so sore. I was letting the world know about it also.

The Spousal Unit got the materials to fix a wall in the suite. We had to haul it all downstairs and most of it was easy. Not the drywall boards. They seem to get heavier every time I have to handle them.


Elliott decided to sleep with his head on the end table last night. I almost joined him. The Spousal Unit did.


Today, I am not sure how much work will get done other than priming the walls of the closet. It may end up being a day of getting out to the stores and looking for things we need to buy. Like paint and a light for the room I just finished. And maybe unpack a few items that are lounging around waiting to be dealt with. We are going out for supper as it is the Spousal Unit’s 70th birthday.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Thursday, July 23, 2015

First Room Is Done ~ Almost

Yesterday was cooler with a high of 27.6C or 81.7F. You could actually sit outside and enjoy the weather. Yesterday morning was cool at 12.5C or 55F. Where the weather was to get warmer (mid 30C or 90F), we are to get cooler, damper weather for the next few days. That will help the fire fighters if the wind remains calm.


Early yesterday morning, there was a knock on the door and the neighbour needed help starting her car. While the Spousal Unit was helping her, there was another knock on the door and our new (free) TV arrived. It was a busy morning before 8:30 a.m.


And, yes, those are unpacked boxes.

Shortly after breakfast I went to that room and started the touch up painting. It went well. I then cleaned the room out and started washing the floor. On my hands and knees. It was an interesting clean. My paint came off easily but the previous paint was tough to take off. Then there was gobs of wax on the floor that needed scraping. Red paint along the edge mixed with dirt. Yuck! And orange paint from the room I am doing next. Three buckets of water later and it was done.


The windows were scrubbed clean inside and out as was the screen. Much better to look through and see the backyard.


The ceiling still needs some work done to it. There is an issue with the ceiling light that we need to address. Well, the Spousal Unit does as that is his department. A few ceiling tiles also need to be replaced.


Other than cleaning and fixing the mini blinds, my job is complete in that room. Hurrah! Hurrah! On to the next room.

I finished up the day sweeping the upstairs' floors. I was tired and aching from all the floor work I had done.

Sewing Room

I looked in the sewing room yesterday and I need to spend a day in there.


Today was suppose to be rest day but that will be tomorrow. My goal today is to sand the sewing room closet, prime it, get the paint, and put on the first coat of paint. Once the second coat of paint is on, the Spousal Unit can put up the closet organizer and I can do some more unpacking. It means more purging as I want to have as few pieces in this room as possible.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Door Handles and A Missing Part

Yesterday was a bit cooler with more clouds but less wind. The high got to 28.3C or 83F. This morning is cool and damp. We had a light showers this morning with a temperature of 14.5C or 58F at 6 a.m..


We have been following the weather in Alberta, our neighbouring province. Some areas have had severe drought conditions. And then rain and hail. It seems as if the Edmonton area had quite a storm last night. Hopefully enough rain so fires won’t start.

The three big fires in our area should be quiet if the cool and damp weather hit their areas. The two in the Okanogan area are the worst right now. The one in Ashcroft area is now 20% contained which is a start.

The room in the basement did not get finished. There is a bit of touch up painting needing to happen and then the floors can be scrubbed. We are getting so close to the finish line.

After doing the ceiling , we headed out to shop. It was a meat run to Costco. We got home at noon, put away the groceries and meat and had lunch. Then it was downstairs to put the second of paint on the ceiling. It went on easy.


When we went to put the door handles on the closet, the Spousal Unit said the door knobs we bought in the morning didn’t come with a specific part. We headed out to the big box hardware store we always shop at to get door knobs with that specific part included. We got door knobs and repair kits and headed home. While setting up to do the door knobs, said missing piece was on the floor. We put the door knobs on that we bought in the morning and will return the others today. Though frustrating, we had a good laugh. What else could you do.


The room feels warm and fresh and anyone can live in it. To get this point, I have learned a few things.

  • Plan your steps more carefully rather than rushing in.
  • Sand any walls first then wash all the walls.
  • Paint the ceilings and trim before the walls.
  • Have a good light to help you see thin spots. Be prepared to paint walls twice.

I have to say I am more prepared for the second bedroom.

Today, the room gets finished and I will clean upstairs. I need a day off prior to starting the next room.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More Fires!

Yesterday was cooler with a high of 34.8C or 94.6F. The wind blew hard most of the day with gusts up to 66 km or about 40 mph. Not good. This morning it is 16C or 60F and dead calm. It is suppose to be cooler today but if like yesterday it is doubtful.


That fabulous lightening storm on Sunday night was beautiful to look at but the end results were not what people wanted. There were 1200 lightening strikes in the forest district and out of that came three major fires. The wind and hot weather fuelled them and they all grew quickly. The number of fire bombers in and out of the Kamloops airport was constant all day.

All three fires have evacuations or evacuation notices. There is one about 15 km from Ashcroft (where we lived) and it grew rapidly. There was a lot of talk on social media if people would get home from the mine but they did. The fires probably were quiet during the night as the temperature and the wind dropped.

I worked in the room painting most of the day. The three walls and closet got a second coat of paint and a bit of priming was done on the ceiling. I then turned my attention to the four doors in that room and painted them. Just the small piece of ceiling left to do and clean up. No pictures until it is cleaned.

I was really sore last night from up and down off the ladder and holding a heavy can of paint. I relaxed on the loveseat until bedtime.

Today, I want to paint the ceiling, grocery shop, and then start cleaning up the room. I need to have that room finished and the door shut. I am tired of working in there.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Monday, July 20, 2015

More Painting!

It was a warm one yesterday. It got to 37.2C or 99F. You could feel the heat when you went out and the intensity was such that you could get a good storm with it. And that did happen. I woke to a clap of thunder but someone got some great pictures of the storm. There was no rain unfortunately.



This morning was a warm 19C or 66F so we can expect another warm one today. The a/c is running already this morning (6:30 a.m.)


We started slow yesterday as we needed that. But once we got going, we were busy. I redid the first wall I painted and it is much better. I went on to paint the remaining walls and the closet. A lot of work and it took me all day with only two breaks and lunch.

The Spousal Unit worked in the carport while it was cool and has the BBQ and smoker set up. We had a discussion about that and I do like the way he arranged it. When it got hot, he got out his cutting tool and cut the wall down on the end of the living room in the basement. It created so much dust and heat the smoke detector went off twice. Door was opened and a fan was run. That job is done and the mess can go out. He has to insulate the wall and put up new gyproc. Good hot weather job as the basement is cool.

We spent an hour talking to our grandson last night. They went camping in northern Saskatchewan with her parents. The Dude caught the first and largest fish of the trip on the lake they camped at.


They also went geocaching in the rain and found about 40 caches. In all a successful weekend in his mind.

Today, is another painting day. I have to do some painting on the walls I painted yesterday and paint the ceiling and doors. Three different paint types and two paint brushes. I will get it done. Once that is done, I just have the floors to scrub, window to wash, and mini blind to clean. Shut the door and call it ready. I would also like to get some house work done upstairs. I will have to fit it in while the paint brushes dry.

Until tomorrow………………………

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Painting The Day Away

It was a glorious day though you did feel the heat in the afternoon. It got to 31.8C or 89.2F. There is less clouds today than yesterday and we are warming up quickly this morning.


It was a busy day in our household. I painted the rest of the trim in the room prior to lunch and was hungry when I got done. After a short break to refuel, we canned apricots that were in the canner while we ate lunch. Though small, they look great.


The Spousal Unit will help the people down the road to prune the tree and thin the apricots next year so they will be larger in size. They were delicious to eat though.

After lunch, I started to paint the room’s walls. I got exactly one done and this morning I see I have some thin spots. It needs to be repainted prior to moving on to the next wall.


We had to go out and when we finally were finished for the day, I felt like Elliott………….


We have talked about the paint colour upstairs. I finally put a chart of colours down and said which two do you like. Interestingly enough, the same two I liked.


I will buy two white sheets of poster board and a litre of each and paint them and tape both on the wall to review. If we like both, I will do the closets in one colour and the walls in the other.

Today, the goal is to paint and do laundry. I want to get as much of the room done as possible. It is a lot of work but I am liking how it is turning out. So much fresher than before. I didn’t realize how much work it is and am running behind.

Until tomorrow…………………………..

Saturday, July 18, 2015

White Trim Brings Joy

Yesterday started off at a cool 12.5C or 54.5F and ended up with a high of 30.5C or 87F. We sat outside during the day for our breaks and enjoyed the lovely weather. This morning it is cloudy and 18C or 64F. It is suppose to clear off and be warmer.


Yesterday I headed downstairs early to paint the second coat of primer on the red wall. It was a lovely even white when I was done. No red showing through.


After lunch, I painted baseboards and door mouldings. They look clean and fresh and will give a nice contrast to the walls when they are painted.


It is crazy that white paint on the trim would give me such joy. But it does.

After I had done the second coat of priming, I headed up stairs to the sewing room and sanded where the shelf had been attached to the wall. I sanded and sanded and took off about a cup of dust. The Spousal Unit inspected it again and I put new sandpaper on the palm sander and took off another half cup of dust. I was covered in dust and headed to the shower to clean up. The Spousal Unit did some mud work in there.


We headed out mid afternoon to see what the ReStore would take and wandered around to look at what they had. Everything we are ditching out of the house goes directly to the dump. Their list of what they don’t want is long. We went to a flooring store and got the name of a person who refinishes hardwood floors.

I played around some with the family tree last evening to let colour choices flit through my head. I keep coming back to a light grey or a warm grey/beige white. I am still thinking as I want the colour to suit the look we want in our house. The colour we choose needs to give the house that warm and cosy yet open and welcoming feel we want.

Sewing Room

I keep coming back to the sewing room and am really thinking this one through carefully.


The bookshelf will be the cube storage unit I bought and want to add vertically to so it will be 5 shelves high. The TV will be on the top with the components beside it. The ironing board, cutting table and sewing cabinet I have. The rest of the furniture I have on hand will be unloaded. The doors are gone off the closet door so I am happy. It may take a couple of tries to get the layout right but I think it will look great.

This room is saying light so I can work in a neutral zone and see the colours I am working on. I do find that very important when sewing. The lighting is equally as important. I have lots of natural daylight in this room with a nice sized window that faces south.

Today, I have to finish up the white trim in the basement and start painting the walls. I also have to wipe down the closet and prime it one good coat. Another busy day painting and priming. I am keeping with the some upstairs and some downstairs work. Both will get done though the basement suite needs to be done first. We will live with packed boxes for a while longer.

Until tomorrow……………………………

Friday, July 17, 2015

Choosing Paint Colours

The weather yesterday was cool. The warmest it got was 25C or 77F and it started out in the morning at 14C or 57F. The wind was out of the north which helped keep it cool. We start to warm up again today for a few days.


We headed out in the morning to get groceries, look at lights, and pick up paint swatches. It was amazing to only drive less than 15 minutes to shop in comparison to the hour it took us before.

Once home I primed the red wall. It needs a second coat of primer to even out the colour prior to painting all the walls. You can still see red showing through the coat of primer. YUCK!!


I did spend some time playing with the colour swatches. I choose colour combinations and then question myself the next day. Though I love blue, I am a neutral coloured person who uses colours as accents.


So back to the drawing board and spend more time looking at the neutral colours I picked.  It fits more with the statement of how we want to live in our house.

While I bottled up the spices that have been on the counter for nearly two weeks……..


The Spousal Unit put together the coffee table. Actually, he took it out of the box in one piece and I had to help put on the casters.


It is nearly as long as the love seat and yes, the top goes down.


The day ended with the BBQ being hooked up to natural gas. We can BBQ which is exciting. Next, setting up the smoker.

Today the plan is to prime the red wall again and then spend some quality time sanding the sewing room closet and filling holes. It was started yesterday and what a dusty job. Once the primer is dry, I will start painting the baseboards and door trim white. Hopefully the room will be finished by the end of the weekend.

Until tomorrow………………………….