Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Beautiful October

Yesterday morning was warm and we had a couple of showers. It then cleared off and was quite a nice day. At noon, the temperature was the same as it was at 6 a.m. (10C or 44F) but it got to 13C or 56F during the afternoon. This morning is warm at 7C or 44F and we have had rain. In all, we have had a beautiful October. We certainly can’t complain.

kitten halloween


In the morning, I cleaned the kitchen. Cupboards were wiped, appliances shined, and the floor scrubbed. It looks really very nice. I certainly wonder how we get so much dust in this house. You can see it everywhere.

After completing the kitchen, I painted the sewing room closet. The grey is very light and perfect for the closets. We have decided the walls will be one shade darker as the pale grey looks white on the walls where I tested.

While I was cleaning, the Spousal Unit put more mud on the front hall closet. This closet had a piece removed and a unit put in.



Then the Spousal Unit removed the box piece and we had a more rustic look.


It now looks like this -- closed in more like a closet.


I see more painting in the future as we need this functioning for winter. Right now I am thrilled with how it has transformed into a closet which will have doors on it. YES!!

In the afternoon, we both cleaned the small dining area. The small fridge got moved out to clean the dust behind it. We lifted the table up and put felt circles on the bottom of the legs. Everything got wiped down and the floor scrubbed. Again, the amount of dust had us shaking our heads. We also cleaned up the paper on the table. We get a free newspaper three times a week. Advertising pays for the paper and it is amazing how many flyers are in the paper. If you let it accumulate for three days, you pretty much loose the top of the table. All of it is gone and the table is pretty clean.

We had to go and get more mud and paint later in the afternoon. When we came out of the store, we were shocked to see the traffic backed up two miles in front of the store. We lucked out with a break in the traffic and got into the line up. Rush hour traffic on a Friday night is something to avoid. We did some grocery shopping and headed home.


I did knit on the scarf last night. I got 20 rows knit on it before I fell asleep on the couch. I have to block and measure it again. I have knit most of first ball of yarn and need to see the length prior to starting the next ball.

Today, I am back at work for 8 hours. It is the last day of the sale and Halloween. It will be either really busy or quite quiet. A new sale starts tomorrow (I got the flyer last night via email). I have a feeling we will be cleaning up the store in preparation for the new sale.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Friday, October 30, 2015

Serger Thread Chosen

Yesterday we saw sunshine and it was quite nice to see after a couple of grey days. Yesterday the high got to 10.7C or 51F. This morning it was 10C or 50F at 6 a.m. Not a typical end of October morning temperature but we will take it.


I worked another 8 hour shift yesterday. There were people in the store all day long. But, we were able to get some cleaning done. I walked just under 11000 steps or 5.1 miles. I was tired last night. I almost looked like Elliott.


While I was t work, the Spousal Unit worked on the hall closet. He has it framed, boarded, taped and the first coat of mud on. It was the first thing I noticed when I came in from work. As there is no light in the entry hall (needs replacing) I will take a picture with the door open today.


I spent a bit of time choosing serger thread for the scarf I am making Daughter. I ended up with a dark purple to give the edge a bit of a pop.


She now wants a vest for spring. That will be on the list to make. I do hope I have time. I like the pattern enough, I may make one for myself.

Today, I am at home. The plan is to clean the upstairs. If there is time, I will paint the sewing room closet the first coat. We have to do some grocery shopping also. I work Saturday and Sunday. It will be a busy day.

Until tomorrow……………………………

Thursday, October 29, 2015

11,000 Steps = 5.2 Miles

Yesterday was cool and wet. The high of 6.6C or 43F and we got 2/10” of rain. Much the same today though they say the high is suppose to be 12C or 54F.


I worked yesterday. It was a day that had a steady trickle of people coming in so we were able to get a lot of bolts of fabric put away. A lot of new fabric was put out on the floor also. The store is full.

People are still coming in for fabric for Halloween. The ideas are as diverse as there are people. Two men had me cracked up as they are decorating their basement for a party. If it was ugly, in their minds, they had to have it.

I wore my new watch and it said I walked 11,000 steps or 5.2 miles yesterday. No wonder I am tired at night. We also lift around 25 pounds up onto shelves. As Daughter said, I get paid to play with fabric and work out at the same time.

The Spousal Unit has started work on the hall closet. He got some of the framing repair done. He had to go out for his flu shot, get Elliott his special food, and pick up corner bead to put on the closet prior to mudding it. His day was an easy pace of which he enjoyed.


I knit four rows last night. I had to work muscle cramps out of one hand. They were painful and my fingers were sore. But I managed to get in the four rows before bed time. I hope to get more rows done over the next few days.

Today, I am back at work for 8 hours. I think I will be able to tackle another cutting table today and get it cleaned up. It has three days of fabric piled up behind the table and we can’t use it. Tonight I am going to relax and knit. I don’t work on Friday.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Prognosis

Yesterday was cool and cloudy. Perfect for traveling and walking around after being in a warm car or building.


We headed to Kelowna early yesterday. We had a bit of shopping to do before we met with the Oncologist at the Cancer Clinic. The visit was what we were expecting. The Spousal Unit begins chemotherapy soon. It will be done here in Kamloops so the most difficult thing will be parking at the hospital. A nightmare.

The Spousal Unit’s spleen is twice its normal size and his platelet count is still below average. His treatment consists of chemo pills 3 or 5 days and then he gets another drug via IV. Then he doesn’t go in for almost 4 weeks. He will have a maximum of 6 sessions unless there is an issue. He may experience nausea and tiredness and will have no immune system. The prognosis looks good for him. What he is happy about is being able to do what he wants to do if he feels up to it.


I got my Husqvarna Viking SE yesterday. The repair bill was half of what we expected. I will be sewing on it if it has a bobbin in it. If not, the Featherweight will be put in use.

Today, I am back at work for 8 hours. I am sure we will have time to put away fabric today. I am happy we do not have to work in the suite tonight. I can rest.

Until tomorrow………………….

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Next On The List?

Yesterday was damp and cool. A nice day to be in the house. Or in the store. The high got to 11C or 52F. Though there were some showers, we were lucky. Our friends to the north got snow.


I worked an eight hour shift and it was busy. Way busier than we thought after a big sale on the weekend. Most of the customers were buying fabric for Halloween costumes and a few were buying Christmas fabric for quilting projects. It was interesting seeing what others buy for fabric and notions.

After work and supper, we headed down to the basement to finish it up. TV’s were switched, appliances put into place, and the last of the floors scrubbed. It felt great to put it up for rent.


When done, I sat on the couch with a hot water bottle on my back. I was tired!!

So what is next on the list? First and foremost, cleaning upstairs prior to painting the sewing room closet. Hopefully I will have three days off this weekend to do it all.


Daughter wants a cowboy rag. This is a square scarf folded in half diagonally and worn at the neck of a vest or coat. Very popular amongst the girls who are barrel racers; a fashion statement. Most are made from a silky fabric and there are as many designs as there are fabrics. She wants this fabric, a lightweight silky satin.


It’s an easy gift to make her. Cut the square, serge the edges, hem and done. So nice to get something easy to make her for Christmas.

With three projects ordered for Christmas, I will have to start cutting them out and sewing them up.

Today, we head out to Kelowna to the cancer clinic. We will find out if the Spousal Unit will have to start treatment. I want to buy a watch and new runners. I also get to pick up my sewing machine that has been gone for almost two years. We will be back by dinner time as I have to prepare for work on Wednesday.

Until tomorrow………………………………

Monday, October 26, 2015

Ready to Declare “IT’S DONE”

The weather yesterday was cool but sunny. We had a high of almost 12C or 53F. We did sit outside in the sun but you could feel the coolness in the air. It rained a bit during the night and it is suppose to rain/shower this morning.


After shopping for groceries, we headed down to the basement to get as close to done as possible. While I cleaned the unit, the Spousal Unit fixed the floor in the kitchen. You would never know there was an issue in there.

While I wiped and mopped, I put away items and we moved some things around. The tops of the baseboards were dusty as were the floors. But it is ready to have the appliances put in place to night, a few more pictures snapped and posted on-line. We are happy with the results.

We will move upstairs and the front closet will get a wall put in and the sewing room closet will get painted and the shelving unit put in. We may stop there and unpack and clean the upstairs in preparation for Christmas.


I forgot to post pictures of what I bought to make Christmas gifts for Daughter-in-Law.


I got the plain teal cotton for a lining for the batik. This will be a reusable grocery bag for her using my TNT pattern. I will see how I will add a bit of interest to the fabric.


These two pieces will be another grocery bag. I will have to see how I can add some visual interest to this bag. Thoughts are brewing in my head.


I bought the fat quarters from Walmart last week and the ideas are brewing on the knitters bag I plan on making for her. The two fabrics will be the bag. I got brown cording to close it with and have to figure out what I will use to make the band that holds the cording. The orange with the white owls on it will be a small notions bag that has a zipper in it. I will use the brown in the top right corner to line it with if there is enough. If not, I will get some brown cotton. The white fabric is spare fabric.


The scarf is about 24” long. No mistakes to date. That is good. Once the lace is done, I have to do an edging pattern for 42”. I may be blocking this scarf Christmas eve.

Today, I am back at work for 8 hours. I am certain we will be busy cleaning up after the huge 3 day sale. When I get home, we will put the appliances in place, snap a few pictures and post the unit for rent on the internet. It is going to be a long day but we can yell “Complete!” at the end of the evening.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Sunday, October 25, 2015

At Fabricland

Yesterday was cooler with a high of 11C or 52F. I’m not sure if it was sunny or cloudy or ?? as I was inside all day except for a short walk at noon. It was lovely then.


I headed out early to meet Daughter at Fabricland to give her a receipt and to buy two spools of thread. I left 9 hours later. No, I didn’t shop that long.

On Friday, I talked to one of the assistant managers, who is a friend. I mentioned I would like to apply for a position in January and she got excited. Not January, she said, but next week. I filled out the application form and said I would get them a resume.

Well, I met the manager and started work 10 minutes after I arrived. In the midst of the 50% off everything in the store sale. I donned a work shirt and name tag and pitched in. In a matter of an hour, I was working a cutting station on my own. It was fun. The staff was friendly and helpful.

At the end of the day, we had a staff appreciation dinner and the staff could shop for 50% off. It was fun to watch these ladies shop; they are super organized. I got the two spools of thread and came home.

While I was out, the Spousal Unit took over the cleaning up of the basement apartment. We are almost done. He also took the baseboard off in the closet of the sewing room. I can paint. He was amazing!!

Today, we shop for food. Then the basement apartment is to be cleaned and pictures taken. I will post the ad this afternoon. I want to clean some of the upstairs also. It will be nice to work upstairs in our part of the house.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Very Tired, Very Happy

Yesterday was another lovely fall day, sunshine galore. We did sit in it for a bit after lunch. The high was 14C or 57F. We are suppose to have another nice one today.


I headed out to Fabricland and got what I needed for some sewing. I will be heading back there to day as I forgot to get 2 spools of thread -- black and white. The joys of not unpacking.

While gone, the Spousal Unit put the knobs on the kitchen doors. When I got back, we headed back down to put the silicone on the tiles. This silicone sealer is the same colour as the grout. It feels gritty coming out of the tube but is quite nice when it dries. The kitchen and bathroom back splashes are done.

After lunch, we set about doing a bunch of odd jobs that needed doing. I did the touch up painting on the toe kick and baseboards in the kitchen. The Spousal Unit adjusted the doors on the cabinets. Then I set about wiping out all the cabinets and shining the sink while the Spousal Unit changed the door on the fridge. We were done at 3:30 p.m. 


This room took longer than we ever anticipated. Having to replace the old kitchen, enlarge the electrical panel opening, paint and tile took us about 6 weeks.


I have to praise the company we use to do the plumbing and venting for us. They were amazing. The person who does this work for us comes as quickly as he can. He is a landlord also.


Once the floor is scrubbed and a bit more work done, the new fridge and stove can be put in place.

As the Spousal Unit cleaned up his tools, I cleaned the windows in the front door. Our to-do list is small; replace a ceiling light, get rid of our tools and clean. We are close to advertising for rent.

When we climbed the stairs for the day, we both commented on how tired we were. We are due for a day off. We actually said when this unit is finished, we are going out for dinner.


No pictures in this area until tomorrow. I bought fabric to make Daughter-in-Law a reusable grocery bag and the lining to make a second one. She bought the outer fabric. I got some notions, including zippers, and called it a day. When home, I realized I had forgotten to buy thread so will be heading back to get that today.


I sat and knit on the scarf for quite a while last night. I will need to block it again to see how long it is. No where near the 42” I need. But it is growing in length.

Today, it is back to the basement. I will be focusing on washing the kitchen floor and then cleaning the bathroom. The Spousal Unit has to put shelves in the bathroom. Then it will be cleaning up our tools and washing floors. It won’t all get done today but we should get quite a bit done. We are focusing on being done.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Friday, October 23, 2015

A Long Day

Yesterday, the fog burnt off quickly and we had a beautiful sunny day. We sat in the sunshine for a good 30 minutes at noon. No coats to be seen. People are still wearing shorts. It got to 15.3C or 59.5F.


While the Spousal Unit was out at the dentist, I wiped the grout haze off the tiles. It was good to get that job done while I had the basement to myself. While I waited for him to return, I then tidied up the sewing room. Ready for my next bout of sewing. Then it was down stairs to seal the grout before lunch. All but the bathroom got done.


After lunch, the bathroom tile got sealed and then it was on to other jobs.


I started to clean up while waiting for the Spousal Unit. I had to hold the end of the tape as he measured the toe kick. The painting tub got sorted and cleaned up, extra tidbits of stuff got sorted and what wasn’t needed put in the garbage bag. I cleaned the laundry room up a bit more and put the dresser we had in the unit in there.


The dresser was on the long wall and had to be moved for baseboard.

At the end of the day, I started to clean the stair well we use to go to the laundry room. I washed the walls and the stairs. It looks so much cleaner than it did. I did sneak back into the kitchen to get a picture of it as the toe kick and baseboards are on. The drawer pulls are on. We are nearing the end.


We were tired at the end of the day and are in need of some time off. It is pushing us to get this space done and rented out. We are actually counting the days.


I thought I would crash on the couch last night but I knit a good 16 to 20 rows before I felt tired. So far I am getting the days knitting done in the evening.

Today, I have to go to Fabricland and pick up some Christmas presents. Everything is on sale for 50% off. While I am gone, the Spousal Unit wants to adjust the kitchen cupboard doors and add the knobs. When I get home, we will do the silicone around the top and sides of the tile. I hope to get the toe kick and baseboard touch up painting done. I think it is going to be a long day for us but we will survive. If not, it will be a long weekend.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Long and Busy Day

Though the temperature rose nicely, it was cloudy most of the morning and sunny in the afternoon. The high got to 13C or 55F. Perfect temperature to work outside in. This morning it is 1C or 33.5F and there are fog patches. Now we have true fall mornings - fog. More sunshine is on its way for the next couple of days.


We hit the basement in really good time yesterday morning. While the Spousal Unit got himself ready to do grout, I cleaned out the second bedroom and swept and vacuumed the floor. I then washed the floor and left it to dry. After that was done, I wiped the baseboards and a couple of areas on the floor and hung the curtains on the closet door. Done!




The room is a good size with a 6 foot closet. It would have made a great sewing studio if we didn’t want to rent out the basement.

The Spousal Unit got the grouting done and I got it all cleaned up. I now need to wipe the tiles down to clean off the grout haze. Once that is off, we can do the silicone sealer and seal the grout.

The afternoon was a different matter. We have been trying to get the renovation debris hauled away. One company has been called and texted 3-4 times to do the job. No response. After a quick call to the landfill, we got another phone number. At noon the Spousal Unit called that person to haul away the renovation debris. Twenty minutes later he returned our call and just over an hour later he arrived to do the job. Wood, metal, and a broken microwave left for us to deal with are gone.

While that was happening, I cleaned our bedroom. The dust bunnies multiplied and dust had drifted in as we have the bedroom window open all the time. I dusted furniture, wiped baseboard, and mopped the floor. It looks nice and clean in there.

After all that was done, the Spousal Unit and I cleaned our front porch and the entry way to the basement. All the dirt and cobwebs are gone. The Spousal Unit also swept part of the carport and cut up more cardboard for recycling. It is nice to get all that done. We both did a bit of a snoopy dance. It had been a long day of pushing ourselves and we were tired. But a happy tired.


I spent quite a while knitting last evening. I did a quick blocking on the ironing board to measure the length and 16” has been knitted. Not half done yet but it is coming along.



Elliott was a dork last night. He laid on the love seat and played sleeping. His ears twitched when we talked to him. When I chose to photograph him, he became a ham verging on being an idiot.


I missed taking a picture of him covering his eyes with his paw.

Today, I have to wipe the haze off the tiles while the Spousal Unit is out at an appointment. If he works on jobs only he can do, I will do more cleaning upstairs. There is plenty of that to do. If not, I will help him downstairs. This is a bit of “not knowing what I will do day”.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Lot of Grouting Done

Though our temperatures have dropped slightly, we are continuing to enjoy beautiful sunny weather most days. Yesterday was gorgeous and we sat out in the sunshine absorbing the warm rays. Our high got to 15C or 59F. This morning our temperature is 5C or 41F. It seems as if the sun will be here for the next few days but our temperatures will drop slightly; frost in the morning and low teens in the day.


I have to say that my back is getting better. I do take muscle relaxants most days. On the days I don’t, I have to monitor what I do so I don’t do anything stupid. 

We worked in the basement yesterday morning applying grout to the tile.


Though grouting finishes the look of the tile, I hate this job especially in the hard to reach areas. I end up having to wipe it off the tiles, the cupboards, and the walls. As the grout dries on my hands, it makes my skin feel dry. But, we got a lot done before we ran out of the grout we mixed up. And by lunch to boot.


The tile will need to be wiped sometime today to remove the haze. We have the side wall, above the small tiles in the stove area, and the bathroom left to do. A couple of hours worth of work.

After lunch, we headed out to return tiles and buy the closet shelving material. The shelf got put in but not without its problems. Not huge problems but taking the shelf down four times isn’t fun. Also, it isn’t fun to put up the side holders and find the nails (yes nails) were too small and the holder flipped off the wall.


The closet area is swept out and needs to be vacuumed and mopped. This room needs to have everything removed so I can wipe it down and shut the door calling it finished.

Sewing Room

The sewing room closet got discussed yesterday. We are on the same page. The baseboard needs to come off, walls painted and the shelving units installed. What we want fits perfectly. I will hang heavy plastic on the opening when I start to scrape the ceiling to keep the dust out of that space.

We will have six weeks to work in that room. Ceilings need to be scraped and walls, baseboard, and new trim painted. I am staying with the light grey and white theme. The flooring won’t be done until later. The room will be Grandson’s bedroom while they are here for Christmas.


I did knit last night but I kept falling asleep. I think I got 12 rows done. I put the scarf down and promptly dozed off on the couch. So much for getting quite a few rows done.

Today, it is back to the basement. I need to to start putting things away while I wait to help the Spousal Unit. Coming to the end of the project has me twiddling my thumbs as I wait to help or to do jobs that have been designated to me. So I need to make a list of jobs to do down there and start on them. Todays project.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Sewed!

Yesterday started off cloudy and grey, became sunny and ended up grey and dismal with a rain shower. The high got to 15.3C or 60F. This morning is cool at 5C or 41F. The prediction is for a sunny day.


Yesterday was voting day and we headed out early to vote. In and out in less than 15 minutes. We were surprised with the results as the predictions had been for a minority government no matter what party was elected. We got a majority government for the next 4 years. All I am going to say.

After we got home, we hustled down to the basement and finished up the tiling. I also got what we had done the day before cleaned up.


We cleaned up in preparation to grout. Both of us were thrilled to be done the tiling.

After the tiling was done, we moved at a fast pace. I hurried upstairs to clean our bathroom. Then downstairs to paint. Some floors were swept and some baseboards wiped. We kept busy until mid afternoon. Then it was on to…………


I actually sewed yesterday. I hauled the curtains and the Singer Featherweight up to the sewing room and got at it.


To hem the curtains I had an old pair of scissors, dressmakers chalk, pins, and a large square quilter’s ruler. I succeeded in getting those curtains hemmed and hung.


The curtains and wall are marked 1 and 2 so I knew which curtain went where. The paper remains as the curtains have to come down when we put in the shelf.

I am glad that I sewed when it was cloudy and dismal outside. I need to address the lighting in the room. I thought I was going to have to and it was confirmed.

Today, we will probably grout the tile. Can we do it in a day? Maybe, maybe not  but I sure hope so. If nothing else gets done today but grouting, I will be a happy lady.

Until tomorrow…………………………..

Monday, October 19, 2015

Another Day of Tiling

Though we had some clouds yesterday, it was a warm day. The high got to 18.6C or 65.5F. A friend who lives about a 90 minute drive west of us showed pictures of asters and a rose she picked yesterday. Even here in Kamloops, we see flowers blooming. This morning is a warm 8C or 47F. Such lovely weather as we head in to the last third of October.


Yesterday morning we left in a rush to get groceries we forgot to measure the closet in the bedroom. The shelf didn’t get bought. We did buy a box of tiles and will be returning them. Our math was so bad Saturday that we couldn’t figure out how many tiles we needed to finish the job if you paid us.

After we got home from shopping, I cleaned the fridge and stove as I unpacked the food. We had a quick lunch and headed to the basement. As the Spousal Unit prepped to put the tile in the bathroom, I removed the spacers in the kitchen and started to clean up the tiles so they can be grouted. Then we did the bathroom.


While I cleaned the vanity of all the cement drops, the Spousal Unit started prepping for the stove area. I cleaned the remaining tiles in the kitchen. It was hard work getting into the corner. My back rebelled until I got a foot stool to stand on. We then did the stove area until 4 p.m. and cleaned up.


After a quick pop and half a chocolate bar (low blood sugar), we headed out to where we will vote today. It is an easy drive but parking could be a pain. We got home to make supper and Skype with our grandson.


I knit 8 rows on the scarf before and after breakfast. As we were in a rush to work on the tiling, I didn’t knit at noon. So I had to knit extra in the evening, 8 rows while Skyping and 8 rows after that watching TV. 

While shopping, I found this yarn and had to buy three skeins of it. It has a silver sparkle in it which I liked with the red. It is acrylic which is fine with me. And very soft to the touch. I will make a hat, scarf, and mitts for myself out of it. It is a DK (3) weight so will be knit on smaller needles. I a going back to look at the other colours for someone else as a gift.


And because it is Downton Abbey, I will knit it as I watch the last season in January/February.

Today, we head out to vote early. We will come home and finish up the tiling. Who knows, we may start grouting. Fingers crossed as that means we are heading to finish line. Once that is done, there is some painting and cleaning to be done and the place will be advertised for rent. Woot! Woot!

Until tomorrow……………….

Sunday, October 18, 2015

More Tiling Done

Yesterday was another gorgeous day until late afternoon. It then clouded up and we had rain fall during the night. The high yesterday was 17C or 62.5F. The low got to a warm 10C or 50F. It is suppose to clear off and be warm again.


Donna, so glad to hear you had a fabulous trip to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Both sides of my family are from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. I hope you get your glucose level down to where you want it.

Eileen, I have to work hard each day. If not I would drive everyone including myself nuts. Actually, I am looking forward to getting this job done and moving at a more relaxed pace upstairs. Being active everyday also keeps my glucose levels low which is good.

Yesterday had a drag note for me. I did a fair amount of sitting and waiting in the morning. The Spousal Unit complained his two tape measures had different readings. Hence he spent a lot of time cutting tile. In the end, he used up every piece he cut which is strange.

We did get a lot of tiling done; about the same amount as on Friday. Above the sink and the wall to the stove are done. I did spent the beginning of the job time cleaning up Friday’s tile and then at the end of the day I cleaned up yesterday’s area.


The area with the little spacers in it above the sink took 2.5 hours to do.


Under the cupboards took about 2 hours to do.

Once done and cleaned up, we put the necessary tile for the bathroom in that room. Miscounted but in there. Then we spent a goodly amount of time trying to figure out how many tiles we needed for the stove area. Did the math for the bathroom again and then the stove area and have decided to buy one more box of tile. We were “mathed out” at that point.

The door for the corner cupboard has been installed and it was 3:30 pm. We had to rehydrate and get supper finished (Ham/pea soup and biscuits). Tiredness set in when we sat down. Our brains were tired.


Anonymous, good for you to ask questions of a knitter. Ask away here and I will try to answer them for you.

I had to knit a lot last evening to get my quota of rows done. I succeeded with not ripping back. I think I have about 13” knit and this project is a perfect example of having to block items to make them look good.


Today we have to shop for groceries, get the shelf/rod for the basement bedroom and the last box of tile. Then it will be back to tiling in the afternoon. Bathroom I suspect. Then we can tile the stove area until the tiles are gone.

Until tomorrow……………………………………

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Curtains Are Pinned

Yesterday was another lovely fall day. The sun shone all day and the high got to 17C or 62.5F. It was so lovely out in the sunshine, we didn’t want to be inside. We know this weather won’t last forever.


Yesterday morning we headed to the basement to do more tile work. While the Spousal Unit got started, I cleaned up the previous day’s work. Then we got to work in earnest and by noon we had used up all the spacers.


I had a few breaks while tile was cut, so I dug out the new sewing pins I bought and started to pin up the curtains that will be a closet door. I didn’t get far as we had to head out to get more tiling supplies. We are nearing the end of this project. Three months so far.

The Spousal Unit got more tile cut to be ready for the next tiling session. It certainly helps us keep going without too many breaks.

We did wander the upstairs while supper cooked planning on what we will upgrade. I can scrape every ceiling and we will pull off the window valances. It will slow down the process but will update the house, something we always think about. I will practice in the front entry as it is smaller than the sewing room. That way, I can sew some Christmas gifts.


Prior to moving to Kamloops, I bought four 96” curtain panels from the neighbour for this house. The price was perfect. The idea of hemming them not so perfect.

One of the panels has been hanging on the closet door for a bit. I needed to see it so I could think through the process. Didn’t help much until I started to handle the thing. At first it was choppy. Pin a bit, help put on tile. Then I got a bit of a break and I had it pinned enough so I hauled it up to the cutting table and finished pinning it. When I rehung it, it looked weird. So I took a chair and sat in the closet and repinned it carefully to the correct length. What I pinned up is straight across at the bottom but the amount I pinned up kind of angled. The floor isn’t that angled. The curtains are cut wrong.

The second panel got the same treatment. When I pulled them together, one panel was shorter than the other one. I spent a lot of time making them match evenly. Fuss, fuss, fuss. It was done by the time I needed to put all my attention to making dinner.


The reason I sat in the closet to pin up the curtains is that the area is dark and you can see the hems are straight by looking at the light coming through at the floor. It took me about 20 minutes to figure that one out but it made the job easier.

I get to  haul out the Singer Featherweight to hem these curtains. At least I know the bobbins are in the case with the machine v.s. not knowing which box I packed the bobbins in the the Diamond.

I plan on pressing the hems, machine basting them in place, and then measure to cut them off. Then turn under and machine stitch in place. Simple? Right? Wrong! I need to buy chalk to mark the depth of the hems as I don’t know where mine is packed. The joys of not being able to unpack the sewing room.


I got about 16 rows knit on the scarf yesterday. I had to tink 2 rows last night as I had a minor error. I am happy with the progress I made yesterday.

Today, we hope to do another bunch of tiling. We will go until the spacers run out. Then I will hem the curtains. If there is enough time, I need to do a bit of painting. I was hoping we would be done by Monday but that isn’t going to happen. I got a bit over zealous (well maybe a lot over zealous) as I want this basement suite done and rented out. Our life has been on hold for long enough.

Until tomorrow……………………………..

Friday, October 16, 2015

Working the Kitchen to Completion

We are still basking in the sunny weather and enjoying it. Though we have to wear a coat in the morning, we discard them in the afternoon. Yesterday the high got to 15.5C or 60F. Once again we should have another lovely fall day.


I headed out yesterday morning to get a few groceries and the knobs and pulls for the kitchen cupboards. I was gone about 90 minutes total which means I didn’t waste a whole lot of time.

When I got home, the Spousal Unit had the first row of tiles cut so we set up the downstairs kitchen to start work after lunch. We worked together to get the first section done by 3:30 p.m. We were running out of spacers at that point.


The colours of the tile makes the white cupboards pop. I was a bit worried about the counter top and subway tiles being close in colour but it looks fine to my critical brain. The grout is a bit darker than the subway tiles.


While I was shopping, I got the fabric for two knitting project bags for Daughter-in-Law. I decided to make her one for when she is traveling and one for at home.


The above fabrics are to make a more elegant knitting bag. There is a silver shine to the fabric. There should be enough fabric left over to make her a small bag for her knitting notions. I need to buy cord and a zipper for this project.


These pieces are more fun and should be equally as cute. I need cording and a zipper for this set also. I will be starting these bags in the very near future.

The Stash

I have decided to use up my stash in a fun and creative way as I loose weight. Some of it will be used to make clothes for myself. I have Ponte for yoga pants, denim for a barn jacket, and lots of knits for t-shirts. But, I have some pieces I bought and am now questioning. There is a cotton-linen that may work for a light jacket next spring. The rest will be used to make a skirt when I do the (Craftsy) skirt drafting course and then I will donate it to the thrift shop. There is also a piece of fine 100% wool that I would love to make something for myself. It would have to be underlined/lined as it will be itchy. Maybe a top of some sort. I keep thinking elegant camp shirt.

In the mess mix is a piece of pink plaid that I love. It is for a couture jacket when I reach my goal. I also have grey and black Ponte for a zip jacket that I will make later on. Though the stash isn’t huge, it is a mix of what I love and what I like.

I have decided that as I pull out the fabrics, I will decide if I will make it for me or for the thrift shop or charity. I can practice techniques, skills, and some high end sewing while I work through the stash. It has removed the stress of having to sew all the fabric for me and not end up liking it as much as I think I should.


The scarf is going slow. I have to watch what I do on each row and count at the end to make sure I have the right number of stitches. On a knit row, I ended up making an extra stitch and had to tink back to fix it. I try to knit 4 rows at a sitting to break up the intensity of this so called simple lace pattern. I have a lot of inches left to knit so I need to focus on this project several times a day.

Today, we will do another section of the back splash. We want to work until we run out of spacers. We are kind of hoping to get the area to the stove done with most of the wall above the sink done. When done, I will start on the curtains if there is enough time. Another busy day in our household. We are pushing as we are nearing the end of this suite.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wardrobe Ideas

We had a gorgeous day again yesterday with temperatures close to the previous day. It is so nice to have such lovely weather in October. We did see frost yesterday morning but it was gone shortly after the sun came up. It was the same this morning. Frost on the roof tops.


We had another stellar work day in the basement. I started the day out painting and got all of it done; shelves, walls, and ceiling. I opened 4 different cans of paint. I have to put one coat of paint on the underside of the shelves and they will be done. I also put silicone on the countertop where it meets the wall. It is now waterproof.

After doing the painting, I sat and helped the Spousal Unit figure out how much tile we needed. I have to say that we have enough of the small tile with maybe 2 squares left.


We were a box short of the subway tile which we headed out later in the day to get. We are officially ready to start the back splash.

Just before noon, the plumber arrived. He set about getting the kitchen sink and faucet in and I cleaned up behind him. I also hung the mini blind in the kitchen. It was great to get those jobs done. After a quick lunch, we put doors on the cupboards and are struggling with the corner door. Tomorrow we will look at it again. Because of that, the last drawer wasn’t put in as it needs the front attached.


The doors are not adjusted at this point. We are thrilled to see them on.



I haven’t really looked in the sewing room only to get yarn or needles. The basement has taken all my thinking power at the moment. But, I have been reading blogs and have taken delight in that. I have been thinking about a lot of what I wish to sew for me while I loose weight. It isn’t going to be fancy or over the top.

The new blog I found is Grainline Studio. Her entry on Oct. 13, 2015 is about her Fall ‘15 Wardrobe Plans. I love her idea and it is casual enough that I can wear it plus still keep to what I want in my plan.

Accessories: Boyfriend Cardigan, Beaded Infinity Scarf, Slouchy Beanie, Basic Mitts, and Basic socks. I plan on knitting the cardigan in a dark grey to keep it basic but the other items will be done in blue or red. They will be my first set of accessories in one colour.

Basic Wardrobe: Yoga pants, jeans, 2 t-shirts. These will be in black for the first go round though the jeans will be in blue as I have them on hand. Simple patterns that are easy to make and will become TNTs along the way.

Extender Pieces: Camp shirt and Barn Jacket. The camp shirt will be a plaid (black and blue or black and red). The barn jacket will be black denim.

So what will I do with my stash? I will write about that another day. I have plans for it.


I worked on the scarf when I had a few minutes here and there I have a total of 8 rows done; two complete patterns. I took some time before dinner to knit on the scarf and then again after dinner. When I looked at what I had done, I was upset. I had made another mistake. No dropped stitches but you could see the pattern went one way and then another. I had to unknit very carefully to the mistake. I am not sure what I did wrong but I am now back to where I was when I discovered the mistake.  This scarf is slow going but it will get done.


The colour is horrid thanks to the lighting in this house.

Today, I am heading out to get the door knobs and handles for the kitchen cupboards and then will help with the tiling. I do have to do the last bit of painting also. We will see what else I can get done when I have to wait. Probably vacuuming and mopping floors. The end is near; I am hoping by Monday it will be done.

Until tomorrow………………………………….

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sunshine and Warm = Gorgeous

Yesterday was another gorgeous day that was sunny and warm. It got to 16C or 61F. Today is going to be another gorgeous day as the sky is clear. It was a cool 2C or 35.5F at 6 a.m. this morning. Beautiful fall weather.


My back is getting better though it is stiff and sore in the mornings. It slows me down to get a good start. But I persist at trying to get going.

I finished painting above the cupboards yesterday morning. It is looking good. From there, we focused on getting the counter top in. We pulled all the staples out from the underside, got the long piece on the cupboards. That was a struggle but we did it. Then we removed it and set it up to add the short piece. That was interesting.

Two step stool and a chair later, we put the counter together. Then it was time to put it onto the cupboards. We grunted, groaned, yelled, and cursed the counter top. We finally got it on. The miter corner wasn’t even. By this time, the Spousal Unit was sweating and feeling faint. He was over doing it so I made him sit down for 5 minutes. To heck with the glue.

Once he recovered, we got back to work and got the miter corner level and the counter top down tight. The walls got a few scrapes which are ready to be painted. In all, it was easier than the counter top we put into the basement kitchen in Ashcroft. I didn’t take any pictures as we hurried to have lunch and a rest. We were tired.

The afternoon was spent getting items returned and more items bought for the kitchen. We have the toe kick and doors to put on the cupboards, the sink and taps to install and the back splash to apply. In the bathroom, we have back splash to apply and two shelves to put in a cubby. We are nearing the end of the renovation. Then it is clean up time. Yes! Yes! Yes!


My bag pattern and acrylic base arrived yesterday. I look forward to sewing myself a bag though I need to buy fabric for it. That won’t happen until January. I have sewing to do for Daughter-in-Law; knitting bags for her projects. I have to buy fabric for those so will be visiting the quilting shops soon.

The sewing room may take longer to renovate that anticipated. If all goes well, I would like to scrape the ceilings flat and remove the valance over the window. That means there will be walls and ceiling to mud before I can paint. If this can happen, the room will be updated and the remaining rooms in the house (2 more bedrooms, hall, and living room) will have the same done to them.


I worked on the Barbie doll jacket and got the body done except for the ribbing. To complete the jacket, it needs 5 rows of ribbing on the bottom and 3 rows of crochet on the sides for a button band.


It turned out rather cute and I will make it again when I have enough yarn. I did start a dress but put it all away to focus on Christmas knitting.

The infinity scarf is being a pain. I found a dropped stitch and had to rip it back and start again. Got caught up and found a drop stitch in the first row and ripped that back. Started again, got 2 rows done and found a dropped stitch and had to start again. This pattern demands your full attention and you have to count each pattern row. I do my best work on it during the full light of the day. It is now cast on and ready for me to start row 3 of the pattern.

Today, it is another day in the basement. I have lots of painting to do; baseboard, toe kick, shelves and door spacer. Also the wall that got damaged. I also have to silicone around the counter top and hang the mini blinds. Another busy day in the basement. But it means we are nearing the end and can get a tenant into the space. And it also means we can work on our own space upstairs.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More Work In the Basement

Though it was cooler yesterday, the sun shone and we saw a high of 16.8C or 62F. Pretty awesome temperatures for almost mid October. No rain either though it looked like it was going to pour rain around noon. This morning it is cool but sunny and it looks like we will have another beautiful day.


I was slow moving with my back yesterday morning. Somehow it decided to act up and put me down on my butt. I slowly got going with a lot of grumbling. Folding laundry was a good start. This morning it is much better so maybe it is healing or the muscles are toning up from working in the basement once again.

Downstairs, I primed all the wood that needed a second coat and then came upstairs, put on the heat and let it dry. Mid afternoon, I headed downstairs to paint the wood. What a difference that made to the kitchen.



We played with the tile for the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen counter is close to the colour of the tile but we will make it work with a grout that is a bit darker and, if necessary, we can get silicone sealer to match the grout.


The bathroom will look like this.


We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t a train. We are so happy to be coming to the end of this project. I am now starting to focus on the upstairs. Being a crazy lady, I am thinking of scraping all the popcorn off the ceilings one room at a time. If that can happen, we can remove the valances over the windows easily and update the house.


I finished Grandson’s socks. I am pleased with them and know those skinny legs will stay up on him.


There is a small amount of yarn left over and I am going to knit a Barbie jacket. When the yarn runs out, I will put it on some waste yarb and keep it as I do want to knit the pattern when I have enough yarn.


The jacket has since been increased to 88 stitches and I am ready to start the first sleeve.

I also started Daughter-in-Law’s scarf and did 12 rows on it. The part of the pattern I am working on is the lace part and consists of 4 row. The first and third rows have yarn overs and the second and fourth rows are garter stitch. It is lovely yarn to work with.


Daughter wants more wool socks so they go on the needles next. She has even told me which yarn she loves and I have some on hand in the stash. As they are easy socks to knit, they won’t take long to make.

Today, I have to check the paint in the downstairs kitchen and do any fix ups and then paint the wood pieces I finished priming yesterday. We will install the counter top and head out to exchange the tap for the sink and pick up a few more items we need. If there is time, I want to do a bit of touch up painting and look for my sewing pins. I need to hem the closet curtains. Which box are they in? If there is enough time, the last blind will be hung. Another busy day in the basement. It will soon be time to clean it up and advertise it for rent.

Until tomorrow…………………