Monday, November 30, 2015

Back In Our Own Space

We continue to have cool weather though it is warming up a bit each day. Soon it will be above freezing and we will have to deal with the mess from the snow and ice.


I just finished four 8 hour shifts at the fabric store. Three of those days had a big sale on. We were busy and run off our feet. I arrived home exhausted and cranky.

We have all of our heavy and big furniture back upstairs and love being back in our own space. I now have to organize and put items away and give away what we don’t want. We can now move in completely. That will be nice as I want to be able to sew every day I am at home.

The Spousal Unit over did it yesterday and will be resting all day today. He was told this would happen but kept busy while the young guys moved our stuff upstairs.

Today I am home until 4 p.m. and then am out to clean the store for 4 hours. I am going to shop and do housework during the day. I know I can get quite a bit done so I can unpack and put away more on my next day off.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Busy Weekend

The weather has been cold since it snowed. The Artic front came in and brought with it clear and sunny weather. It is nice to see the sun. Seeing -13C or 9F was a surprise as they weren’t expecting this cold for any length of time. It seems as if it is here until Wednesday. They keep extending this cold spell on us. 


The Spousal Unit has been fever free since last Monday but he still hurts in his groin area. It has been lanced and has a drain in it. He is feeling better. No one seems to know what he had and there seems to be missing notes in his file. He is frustrated, bored, and somewhat cranky. Waiting for hours for appointments doesn’t help. He got the drain removed yesterday and sees an outpatient nurse every couple of days for a check up and dressing change.

The guy who did the floors did a fabulous job. The stain isn’t too light or too dark. In the daylight it looks perfect.


I spent my days off puttering around. I shopped for groceries, did laundry, a bit of cleaning, and some napping. I was bored to death as I couldn’t sew. I did look at the vest pattern and know how to put it together.

I got a puzzle out for the Spousal Unit to do and he got part of the border done.


I puttered at it out of boredom and got the two sides done. Sheer luck on my part as I don’t usually do puzzles.

I was back to work Thursday and Friday yesterday for 8 hour shifts. One would think the store would be quiet Thursday before a 3 day mega sale but it was busy. When not cutting fabric, we cleaned up the store in preparation for the sale that started yesterday. I work 8 hour shifts during the sale and I pull a 4 hour Monday night to clean up. I think I will have 36 hours logged in 5 days. A bit much for me.


I started the next part of the scarf. It is gorgeous. What I thought was a new pattern across the 48 stitches is only along the edge. The last 12 or 13 stitches is the pattern and the rest is lace.


Every single row has to be counted. At the end of the 11 rows, I move the life line in case I have to rip out a mistake. I am learning how to be lace knitting smart.

Here it is with two patterns done. The edge will be scalloped which is nice.


I doubt it will be done by Christmas but I will keep working on it. It is amazing how it grows doing the pattern.

Today, I work 9:30 to 5:30 p.m. I am not get anything done in the house which is frustrating as I want to start hauling items back upstairs. I will survive this crazy weekend and start on Monday. What I really want to do is sew.

Until tomorrow………………………………….

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On The Road To Recovery

The weather Sunday and Monday was cool as the next weather system has come in. The clouds came in and brought with it snow. This is how we looked yesterday morning and there is more this morning.


The wind is also blowing this morning. We had a good 5 mm of precipitation. We estimate we had about 5 cm or 2 inches of snow fall; maybe more.


After spending many hours at the ER on the weekend, they got the Spousal Unit out of the danger zone with his blood counts. The sore area was better on Sunday but it flared again yesterday. His temperature bounced up and down from 3 a.m. until 9 a.m. when I got two readings the same at normal.

We were in to infectious diseases yesterday to discover that the staph or strep infection was an abscess. It was dealt with and he got his last IV dose of antibiotics. We went to the cancer clinic to get questions answered and let them know what had happened over the weekend. After that we had to get a prescription filled and headed home. We did rest all afternoon and had pizza for dinner. The Spousal Unit was and is feeling great though sore from the laceration. He is chatty and alert which is good.

The floors got sanded yesterday. They are gorgeous under the ugly stain.


The machines gummed up as the floors had been waxed years ago. Then someone tried to restain them over top of the wax. The wood filler has been applied, nails set, and another sanding done. Stain samples were applied. We have a winner.


Top to bottom: Ebony, Dark Walnut, Provincial. Provincial is the winner. We talked about some other colours but they were too red or too orange. Not what we wanted.  

Today I am going to go grocery shopping and then do what ever else I want to. I am trying to get my energy back over the next two days. I may sew, I may knit, and I may read. It is a day for me.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Monday, November 23, 2015

Another Day Another Day Doctor

We headed out this morning to the hospital again. Went to see the doctor at the infectious diseases. The Spousal Unit had an abscess and they lanced it. He is feeling much better and wants pizza for dinner tonight. Better than "I don't care".

I'll try to post tomorrow if I hook up the Internet.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Feeling Better

Yesterday’s weather was sunny (what I saw of it) and the temperature stayed around the freezing mark. Last night they issued a weather warning that was written with some humour about a storm racing through our parts starting last night. It has now been pushed to today through Tuesday. We are suppose to have 3 to 4 inches of snow. It may stay for a bit as the temperatures are suppose to be below freezing for several days after that.


Thank you for your kind comments with us being in the ER. His temperature when we left for ER was 38.1C. As we walked out of the house, he started to sweat and by the time we got to ER his temperature dropped to 37.1C. In the room, it dropped to 36.7C. His body was trying to fight the infection. Unsuccessfully but trying.

We spent 8 hours in ER, which is no fun. The Spousal Unit was bored and hungry but he survived with lunch early in the afternoon. He had to have blood drawn and urine samples taken to find out what was wrong. His blood counts were low (of course, he’s had chemo) which entailed a heavy duty call to the oncologist on call at the Kelowna cancer clinic. Then there were X-rays of his chest to make sure he didn’t have pneumonia and, later an ultra sound to see if he had a deep rooted infection. The poor doctor then called the head of the Infectious Diseases to get permission for him to go home after a heavy duty dose of antibiotics. Though still sore, he is feeling better. The redness of the infection has receded by about an inch. We head back this morning for a check up and he gets more antibiotics by IV. By the same doctor who, by the way, is fabulous and has a great sense of humour.

After I got Spousal Unit home, settled, and more food in me, I went to work for 2.5 hours. Glad I did as it was busy, busy, busy at the store. Amazingly enough, we got most of the store cleaned up by closing time.

From Friday

We are almost ready for the floors to be done. The fellow is going to have to remove the last of the baseboards as the Spousal Unit can’t do it today. I got to see the rooms empty for the first time as all the rooms had boxes in them when I arrived on moving day.


The basement is another story.


Very cozy according to Elliott. And the Spousal Unit too.


I am going to sew though I have to take out some furniture to access my projects and a sewing machine.


Today, I work after the visit to the ER. It will be another busy day for us at the store. But, I get three days off. I will be home when the floors are being done. I am happy about that. And, I will be rested for the Black Friday Sale next weekend.

If, by any chance, I don’t post next week, it will be because we will have no internet. I am hoping I can plug it in for the evenings after the flooring crew is done. If I can’t, then we will have no internet and no TV.

Until tomorrow……………………..

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Off to Emergency

No post today. Off to emergency with the Spousal Unit. His temperature is 38C which means he has an infection.

Back tomorrow………………….

Friday, November 20, 2015

A Crazy Life

Yesterday was a cool one with the high getting to 2C or 35F. It was mainly sunny which is nice. Today it is cool but not as cold as yesterday. The sun will shine today and the next couple of days. That will be so nice.


Yesterday I cleaned up more and got a bunch of items put downstairs. We thought the fellows who were moving our furniture downstairs were not going to come. But, they did at 4 p.m. An hour later they were done. I now have to tidy up what is left and put it away.

I worked from 1 to 9 p.m. and had a great time at work. I got pulled off cutting fabric and on to cleaning up a display, putting out stock and then doing a display. I climbed ladders to get items down and had a great time. New sale starts today.

I got home and had no down time before I went to bed. We slept in the basement which was fine. But, I didn’t have a place to sit and relax as the couch is on its back in the basement and the love seat was in a spot where I didn’t want to sit. Oh well, we will survive this for a week.

We also got a call on our basement apartment. It looks like we could have a renter. A professional person with a young family. We look forward to seeing how this turns out.


I am not sure how much sewing I am going to get done. I looked in the room I have my sewing stuff in and it is full of furniture. I will see what I can do as I want to work on the Christmas presents.

Today, I am off work so I am cleaning the upstairs ready for the flooring guy who is coming on Monday. I will take pictures of our living arrangement. It is crazy but it’s only for a week.

Until tomorrow…………………………………….

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Busy Day

Yesterday was mostly sunny and it was lovely. It shone into the sewing room making it quite warm. Our high got to 4.6C or 40F which is normal for this time of the year. We get sun for the next couple of days which is nice.


Yesterday morning I hauled more items to the basement. I have another hour to do before I am done and the guys can take over and get the heavy stuff down there.

While I was hauling items downstairs, the Spousal Unit removed more baseboards from the living and dining area. He was feeling much better; less stomach issues and a bit more alert.

In the afternoon, we went out to get Elliott his special cat food, Jill her needle and to the used book sale. The Spousal Unit got tired so we bought an easy supper that he wanted. Hot dogs and baked beans. When we got home, he sat in the love seat and fell asleep. He was tired and needed to rest. I did a few more things and then read. Today, we realized that the Spousal Unit did too much yesterday and will be taking it easy for the next several days.


I finished up the project bag for knitting and a small notions bag for Daughter-in-law. It is quite glamorous with the silver shiny parts in the pattern.


Next on the list is Daughter’s cowboy rag. I laid out the fabric on the bed and it covers the top.


I need a 40 inch square and the rest will go into the lining box. I know I will use it down the road.

Daughter messaged me about black faux suede. She wanted to know if was on sale at the store. I didn’t know but I checked my stash and found her a 3 meter hunk in it. I am giving it to her and am happy it is leaving the house.


I finally got the dental floss to do the life line. It will get done as soon as I have time. I am hoping my needles have a hole in it so I can do the easy method.

Today, I am doing the last of the hauling to the basement. We think we will be down there tonight for a week to 10 days. I work from 1 to 9 p.m. so need to get our bed made before I go to work. There will be no sewing today.

Until tomorrow……………………………………..

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I Refrained

Yesterday the temperature was warm at 7.6C or almost 46F. It was grey and we had a good rain in the late afternoon. This morning it is -1C or 30C and relatively clear. The storms are gone and we will have cooler but sunny weather.


I worked an 8 hour shift yesterday. There were two of us cutting and two in management looking after the till. It was steady all day long. On the up side, the other lady and I came up with a plan and we got all the fabric behind the one table put away by closing time. It was hard work and I walked 5.71 miles or 9 km yesterday. The store is ready for staff to tidy up some of the displays, do remnants, and whatever else that needs to be done.

The Spousal Unit got all the baseboard ready to remove. He cut along the top of it as it has a good bead of silicone on it. He said he was tired when he finished that. He also let me know that he had a nap and he woke up when it got really dark outside. The rain came from the north and the sky was black he said.


I worked a bit on the knitting project bag yesterday. I tried to do the square corners at the bottom of the bag according to the directions. It wouldn’t work as the side seams are not pressed. I am going to cut out squares at the bottom and sew them up as I do with another pattern I make. It is so much easier to do.

I did not buy any fabric yesterday. I cleaned up the Christmas fabric and couldn’t find one piece I liked. Another piece I made into a remnant so I can’t buy it as my name is on the wrapper. That saved me from buying anything.

ZippiKnit, I do find it difficult not to buy fabric but so far, so good. We all drool over the fabrics but I do my best not to buy. I have sort of made it into a game.

I am still thinking about my sewing room. I do want it to be minimalist. I do have a lot of stuff and will have to do some sorting out. I know that I need to have control over what goes in that room. Yesterday, I looked at House of Pinheiro's sewing room. I love the simplicity and colour scheme of her room. It has given me ideas of what I can do in my room. I am excited to work in my sewing room again. I am still going with the pale gray for the walls and white for the trim.

Today, I am moving more stuff to the basement and helping remove baseboards from the rooms. I am going to sew up the project bag and put away the sewing machine, ironing board, and what ever else I can move from that room. Another busy day at our house.

Until tomorrow………………………………………..

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Moving and Sewing Progress

Yesterday started off cool and ended up warming up. Sometime between 9 p.m. and midnight, the temperature got to 4.7C or 40.5F. This morning it is 4C or 39F and it is suppose to get to 9C or 48F. It seems as if our cooler weather is here.


Yesterday morning I headed out alone and got groceries and did a bit of Christmas shopping. I got 3 Christmas stocking and need to get two more of the plaid ones.


After getting home, I started to clean out the guest room and move it all downstairs. I lugged, hauled, sorted, and got it all done except for the bed and two boxes of stemware. There is even stuff in the car for the thrift shop.

Right now I am having to do this by myself. The Spousal Unit has had the wind knocked out of him with chemo. He is tired and dragging his feet behind him. He has lost 6 pounds to date which surprised me.

Thank goodness I still have two full days and one part day off this week. I will get this place ready for the floor guy on Monday. I know I will be tired but you got to do what you got to do. Thank goodness I am in fairly good shape from working in large fabric store.

As I finished up the job at hand, I hung a wreath on our front door.


A closer look at it. Daughter made it for us last year and it is gorgeous.


Perfect for Christmas.


I did get to sew some yesterday. I purchased the pattern to make a larger size bag. I chose the artist bag as it is close to the size ordered. I spent my sewing time cutting out the bag and sewing it up to make a long strip. It is folded in half ready to mark the casing hole. Not a lot left to do and it will be finished. I do like this pattern and will be making a lot more of them in Christmas fabrics from the stash.


The fabric is a bit more elegant and has a sheen to it. The lining is plain cotton.


I hope to make a zippered notions bag for this one also.


I haven’t knit on the scarf for a few nights. I watched this video on doing a life line and need to find some dental floss. Then I will start the next pattern. I also bought some wafer thing markers and will be putting them on the needles at the end of each pattern so I can know if and when I make a mistake. Nearly ready to start.

Today, I work for 8 hours so nothing will get done in the house. I do know I am going to be thinking about some fabric that I am trying to talk myself out of buying. It is Christmas fabric in red, white, grey, and black and a piece of print that is white on white poinsettias with red red centers. It is gorgeous together but I can not buy it I keep telling myself. If I don’t see it at work, I will resist it. Maybe most of it is gone to other homes leaving me unable to buy any of it.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas Sewing List

Yesterday’s snowfall ended in the morning and most of it is gone at the lower levels. The high got to 4C or 39F. Though cool, it didn’t rain much, if any, during the day. The roads were dry when I drove home last night. This morning is a cool -3C or 26F. Though mostly clear this morning, it suppose to cloud up and become windy. Warmer weather is on its way.



Yesterday we worked a 6 hour day short handed. Five us, of which three were cutting, is not enough when the store is busy. But we forged ahead, smiling the whole day and left the store in good condition when it closed. On this crew, four are 60 years old and older. We work as a team to get things done and it works well. Today’s staff has some Christmas and garment fabric to put away. It should take less than 20 minutes to do.

People were out in large numbers again and buying a lot of fabric for Christmas gifts. One young lady came in to buy for her Home Economics’ projects. I helped her out a lot.

I was a slug last night and rested all evening. I am tired and admitting it. I know I am still getting use to the walking (3.7 miles or over 5k yesterday) and the lifting. I still have some aches and pains but they are getting fewer by the week. I will survive this and know I will be stronger.


I spent yesterday’s bit of time sewing the lining and then put the bag together. All that is left is the hand sewing of the opening in the lining. That will be done today.

I did look at what needs to be done before Christmas.

  • Cowboy rag for daughter - this square scarf needs to be cut and rolled hemmed on the serger.
  • Larger sized knitting project bag for daughter-in-law - pattern needs to be bought on line and then sewn up.
  • Vest for daughter - purchased and ready to be done. I have to trace the pattern first.
  • Pillows for daughter - need to buy zippers and pillow forms and then make them. I need to measure them to know how many I will be making.
  • Pillow case and blanket for grandson. A fairly easy project that will be made last.

None of these projects are huge. The longest will be the vest but I have 3 days off next week to work on it.

Today, I am off work and the list is long. Grocery shopping, laundry, and hauling stuff to the basement is the order of the day. I plan on getting a lot done and would love to work in the sewing room for an hour today. I need to figure out how many zippers and pillow forms I need to purchase tomorrow.

Until tomorrow……………………………

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Wintry Mix

Yesterday was a grey day with rain forecasted at our level and snow higher up. That suddenly changed and it was announced we would get snow at the lower levels. When we left work at 5:30 p.m., it was pouring rain. This morning when we got up it had snowed. A good inch or so. Our thermostat said this:


I love the term “wintery mix”. Yesterday’s high got to 6C or 42F. Though the thermostat says 4C it is actually 0C out there and the snow is falling. Big wet flakes that accumulates quickly.


It was another busy day at work. I had one huge order in the morning of approximately 50 meters of flannelette. I cut and cut and cut. It was past my lunch time and I had to cut for two more customers. I felt my blood sugar dropping rapidly and had to leave the floor in a hurry. Thank goodness it wasn’t too busy. I was an hour late for lunch.

In the afternoon, I had another huge order of unrolling a bolt of upholstery fabric and then rerolled it back onto the roll. Thank goodness I only had to write up the 2nd bolt as it was still sealed. That was a 29 meter order.

Midafternoon, it became quiet so I put away all of the fabric behind the table I worked at and then started to clean up behind another table. By the time we closed we had 95% of the fabric put away and a lot of displays tidied up. I left very tired and had a lot of muscle cramps last night. I had walked 9 km or 5.7 miles during the day.


I bought the fabric and pattern for Daughter’s vest. I am making the white one for her.


It is unlined and will be perfect for her to wear when riding in the spring.

The Stash/Wardrobe Planning (aka Taming The Beast)

I spent some time thinking about my fabric stash. Some huge decisions need to be made. As I cleaned up the garment fabric displays I worked on my plan of action.

Bottoms- purchased jeans, Ponte pull on pants for cooler weather and something with stretch for warmer weather. This means all other bottom weight fabric except for one piece of denim leaves the stash. Pant design will be pull on pants.

Tops - t-shirts in knits in black, white and a few colours. Cotton knits will stay, all the rest with nylon in it leaves.

Jackets - All can stay including the one piece of denim from bottoms as it is pure black.

Craft/Quilting - all will stay with me for a year. I plan on sewing for a craft bazaar in November 2016. I will evaluate what is left this time next year.

What can I buy?

  • Notions to complete projects
  • Fabric for store projects
  • One or two long sleeved camp shirts if I think I need them

I am pretty much on a fabric diet.

Today, I start work at noon. I hope to finish up the batik grocery bag this morning.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Shame On Me!!

Yesterday was gray and gloomy but the temperature was lovely. 12C or 53F at noon. The wind diminished making is quite nice outside. We actually did see the sunshine with a high of 12C for 4 hours. Delightful as the weather is changing for the next few days.


We got to work and finished moving the last of the boxed stuff in the living room to downstairs. We hauled most of it by hand and then did 2 loads on the dolly. I wasn’t unpacking two boxes full of knick knacks and good china only to have to put them back into the boxes.


A small box with some Christmas presents is all that is left. The flattened box will go out into the shed until it goes to a friend who is trying to sell her house. Once we had the space empty, I gathered one more load, put it downstairs, and we called it a day. The Spousal Unit was getting tired and needed to rest. I am finding 2 to 3 hours is enough for him at this time.

We both thank everyone for your kind wishes on this journey. We will continue to keep you posted during his next session in early December.

Confession Time

When we moved I thought I had downsized the sewing room stuff/junk/shit to a reasonable amount. Guess what? I DIDN’T!!!!!!! Who would have thought that I brought this much with me.


This defies the Less Is More mantra I have been spouting about.  Sad smile  I am totally ashamed that I am trying to put all that into a 10x12’ sewing room and the vast majority of it has to go into the 8 foot closet.

Shame On Me


This stuff is not to stray into other rooms so I have to decide on what to do!! And in a huge hurry. I need need to use up a lot of fabric or I will have to donate it. I am seeing how having enough fabric for one or two projects is going to be my style in a smaller house. I do envy those who have a large stash and a space to put it all into. 


I cut out the next reusable grocery bag. I love the batik fabric.


The lining is a teal blue cotton. The handles are made and attached to the batik part of the bag. The lining will be done on my next morning off. This is the last grocery bag for Daughter-in-Law. I have a few more small things to make before I tackle a vest for Daughter.

Today I am working 9:30 to 5:30 so I won’t be doing much extra in the household. No hauling to the basement or sewing. Maybe some knitting in the evening.

Until tomorrow……………………………..

Friday, November 13, 2015

A Happy Husband

Yesterday was cool with a high of 7C or 44F. The wind came up last night and this morning our temperature is 9C or 48F. The wind is from the south and is bringing in rain at our level and snow higher up.


We headed out early yesterday as the Spousal Unit had to have blood drawn at the hospital prior to going in to finish up his chemo treatment. I headed out to Peavy Mart before I started work.

Peavy Mart is a store for ranchers/farmers/hobby farmers mainly found in Alberta. The first store in BC is located in Dawson Creek. We use to shop there when living Dawson Creek. It was great fun to go into the second store in BC and wander around looking at what they had.


I had to take a picture of the toy John Deere equipment as this is the most I have ever seen in one spot. Over half of the shelving unit was full of these green and yellow toys.

Work was busy yesterday with a lot of people buying fabric for Christmas gifts. We were run off our feet but I ended up the day leaving my cutting table empty of fabric and notions and started helping the other large table by putting away the fabric they had accumulated.

I tried to call the Spousal Unit at noon and got no answer. At 2 p.m. I had an anxiety attack and was off the floor for a good 10 minutes. As I went back on to the floor, I got a text message all went great. I was still a bit anxious though I did calm down as time went on. When I got home, I found out the Spousal Unit’s phone had turned off completely and he had no Wi-Fi at the hospital to use his iPad. It was being flakey on them.

The Spousal Unit was in good spirits. The nurses are having problems getting his IV in as he has tough skin and lots of muscle over his veins. They had to get a vein finder to help get the IV in. He calls it the equivalent to a carpenter’s stud finder. They are recommending he have a port put in that will remain while he is having treatment. Then he found out that his blood work came back better than anticipated which had everyone really happy. His IV went well with no reactions at all. A good day for him. He goes back early December for his next treatment.


I knit quite a few rows on the scarf last night. When I lay it out, it doesn’t seem to get any longer, just wider. When blocked, I am nearly ready to start the next pattern. I will do a life line prior to starting the new pattern so if I have to rip it out I will have the lace secured enough to put all the stitches back onto the needles without loosing any. Another new technique for me to learn.

Today, I work from 5 pm to 9 pm. We plan on emptying the remaining boxes in the living room and putting it all into the basement. I may get a couple of hours sewing this afternoon. I think another reusable grocery bag in a teal blue batik.

Until tomorrow……………………

Thursday, November 12, 2015

More Unpacking and Another Bag

Yesterday was cool and it looked like it would rain or snow. The storms scooted around the city. The high got to 10.7C or 51F. This morning it is just freezing and we have a special weather statement for a “powerful storm” that will “race” through our area giving us snow and then rain.


Though I wasn’t sure how the Spousal Unit would be feeling, I decided to unpack more boxes and take the stuff downstairs myself. He was feeling good enough to do go up and down the stairs as I emptied 6 boxes. After 20 trips he said he was tired. At that point I cleaned up and called it a day.


We then headed outside and sat in the sunshine to rest and talk. We talked about the amount of stuff I have to put into the sewing room. It is a lot, so much I am not facing it at the moment.

The Spousal Unit rested during the afternoon. We are being careful so he can do something each day but not be too tired. He started taking chemo pills yesterday and we are not sure how much energy they will sap out of him. We are doing it one day at a time.


After lunch, I headed into the sewing room and made a second reusable grocery bag. I just have the turn through opening left to hand stitch. The sun disappeared when I was ready to do that job.


The fabric is reversed to the last one I made. That way I can use a meter of each fabric with very little waste for two bags.

While sitting in the sewing room, I did think about my stash of fabric. I had gotten rid of 60% of it prior to moving and thought I had done enough. There is still enough left to keep me busy for quite a while in both the garment and quilting/craft department.

Here are my thoughts to date:

  • Much of the craft/quilting fabric is Christmas so I think I will have to sew items for sale at a craft bazaar. Table runners, gift bags, and a few bagged projects that are easy to do. Nothing hard as I don’t want to spend hours fiddling with it.
  • I still plan on using a lot of my garment fabric for muslins as I need to develop TNT patterns for me.
  • I can make the Spousal Unit shirts galore.

Honestly, I really don’t need to buy fabric for quite a while though I will be expected to sew for the store. My plan is 2 to 3 projects a year.


I did knit 6 to 8 rows last night on the scarf. The show I was watching demanded my attention so I only knit and counted stitches during the ads.

Today, I have to drop the Spousal Unit off at the hospital so he can finish his second bag of chemo drugs and head out to work. I am there all day. I hope to knit on the scarf this evening.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Treatment Day

Yesterday was chilly all day. The high got to 5.7C or 42F. The sun shone and there was a cool wind most of the day. This morning it is warmer at 3.5C or 38F but we can have rain his morning, sun this afternoon and the cool wind. Normal weather for our neck of the woods and we have to adjust.


We hustled around yesterday morning getting ready to head out to the cancer clinic. The pre-treatment took about an hour and I left about an hour after treatment started. I had the dog to put out and then get ready for work.

Two of the quilting guilds in the city donate quilts to the cancer clinic and each patient gets one to take home. They had 52 new ones arrive and about 8 in the cupboard. We got to choose from 60 quilts. All are twin bed size and all are gorgeous. We chose this one.


The large squares are batiks and the brown has a gold design in it.


As this was the first treatment, we were told to expect a reaction to the drug and he did have one. That slowed down the administration of the drug. He goes back tomorrow to finish up. He is looking good and could hardly wait to get home. Bored to tears and starving. Everything on his lunch plate was what he didn’t really like. He ate some of it to survive he said. He had a huge dinner though.

I worked four hours yesterday and went in 30 minutes early to help clean up and to calm my jittery nerves. That lasted 10 minutes and I had to start cutting fabric. The amount of fabric cut in two days was huge and we worked every single spare minute putting away most of the bolts. We really scurried around like crazy women getting it done. The lady in receiving came out to help us clean up putting away two cart full of flannelette and fleece. At the end of the day, the vast majority of the fabric was in its right place.


I got the hand sewing on the first reusable grocery bag done and the second one started. The handles are cut and the interfacing applied. A good start as I had less than 30 minutes in the sewing room.


None was done last night. We had to let family and friends know how things went. We were also wound up from the day.

Today, I am off work. The plan is to unpack more boxes, organize the contents, and sew the next reusable grocery bag. I hope to get a bunch of knitting done also.

Until tomorrow…………………………

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Emptying Packing Boxes Labelled Sewing Room

Yesterday was another fall day with sunshine and clouds. The high got to 8.4C or 47C. This morning is cool at -6C or 21F. Hopefully we see lots of sunshine today as it is suppose to be cloudy and wet for the next three days.


I headed out early, had my hair cut and got my flu shot from public health. One of the nurses is a close friend of ours. I tutored her son for 2.5 years and he is now reading for pleasure.

I got home in good time and the Spousal Unit and I tackled the packed boxes in the living room. I would open a box, sort it out into containers and then we would pack them downstairs. When I quit for the day, we had emptied five boxes.


We emptied one more box after this picture was taken.

We had stuff on both the couches as I sorted.


It is fun to see more of the wall behind the love seat. Some time was spent cleaning up what was on the couches.


One third of the boxes are gone and not all the sewing room boxes are unpacked. We must be getting close though. Next unpacking session is Wednesday.

We put everything into the one of the downstairs’ bedrooms and most, if not all, of this has to go into the sewing room.


While I was out in the morning, some city workers were to visit to give the Spousal Unit the scoop of what they will be doing to the street we live on and what will be happening to our property. The packing spot on the road will be gone but that is fine with us. There will be a cement curve at the edge of the road and the city will put lawn up to it and we have to look after that. Two trees will be planted in front of our property. Just before noon, we headed out to look at a street they did late in the summer. It looks fabulous.


I spent some time sewing a reusable grocery bag for Daughter-in-Law. They are easy to make so I can make one in part of an afternoon. I use a lightweight interfacing in the bags so they can be rolled up easily into another bag for storage.


It got too dark to hand sew the turn opening so I will do that in the daylight tomorrow.


I did knit more of the lace pattern. I will continue for a few more evenings and then start the new pattern. I have 6 weeks left to finish it so will need to focus on knitting every evening.

Today we will be rushing around to get ready to go to the cancer clinic. I will sit with the Spousal Unit for a while and then head out to work at 1:30 p.m. The Spousal Unit will take a taxi home as I get off work at 5:30 p.m. Not a lot will be done tonight except knitting.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Monday, November 09, 2015

A Bit of Decorating

Yesterday the weather was nice; a combination of sun and cloud. The high got to 10.6C or 51F. This morning it is cooler a -1C or 30F and it is suppose to clear off and be sunny. That will be nice.


When Skyping with Son and family on Sunday, there was a comment, for the second time, about the TV hanger/holder on the wall above the fireplace.


Two comments in two weeks is too much. So, we proceeded to rectify the situation. The black metal was removed and we see that there are at least three coats of paint on the wall. Then we got out the picture we thought would be perfect above the fireplace and hung it.


Problem fixed until we paint. It has been suggested by Daughter that we paint that wall one shade darker grey than the other walls. We may have to once we put a rock finish on the bricks. 

The other end of the room is still piled high with packing boxes.


We have gotten a couple of boxes downstairs from that pile and I am going to start unpacking the remaining boxes and move the items downstairs. I have two weeks to do this in so I need to kick myself into high gear.

Once we got all that sorted out, I headed out to work. It was busy in the store for the 6 hours it was open. I don’t know how much fabric we cut, but it was steady. I got a bit more than half of what I cut back where it belongs. Plus, a few areas were cleaned up as fabric was moved around by customers putting together ideas. The treat yesterday was meeting a lady I worked with in a group when doing literacy. Her daughter works part time in the store.

I didn’t sew or knit yesterday. It was one of those days.

Today I am off work. I have to get my hair cut and a flu shot. Then it will be a bit of housework, some unpacking, and some sewing. I promised myself at least 2 hours of sewing today.

Until tomorrow……………………

Sunday, November 08, 2015

One Christmas Gift Done

Yesterday felt cool due to the wind coming in from the east. The high got to 10C or 49.5F. The sun did shine a lot yesterday which was lovely. This morning it is 7C or 45F; the same as yesterday morning.


Yesterday morning we went shopping. After that job was done, we hauled boxes of sorted sewing items from our bedroom to the basement. When that was done, we started in the sewing room and got more down there. The rest will remain until we get closer to the end of the month.

I have been eating quite well since I started working. I have lost almost 6 pounds to date. I no longer sweat while hauling fabric from one end of the store to the other. I put on a pair of jeans yesterday morning and they are looser than they were 3 weeks ago. My legs and feet get tired so I am going to look for new running shoes. I really need them as the floor is cement.


I sewed for about 90 minutes yesterday afternoon. I made this make-up bag for Daughter-in-law for her knitting notions. I have put in a retractable measuring tape and will add a few more notions to it for her.


The lining is the same fabric and I threw away tiny scraps of fabric when done.


The two pieces.


As the sewing machine has brown thread on it, I will make a resuable grocery bag next. I bought the fabric 2 weeks ago.


I will decide on how to use them when I press them. Will both fabrics be on the outside and the inside? I am looking forward to this project also.


I knit on the scarf last night. When I block it, it measures 42”. Unblocked is 5” shorter. I am sitting on the fence whether to knit more lace as I have lots of yarn. I probably will knit more.


I finally got a picture of true colour. It seems to come out greyish all the time.

Today, I have to do some housework and then be ready for work at noon. I may have a few minutes to play with the bag fabric. That would be a bonus.

Until tomorrow……………………………

Saturday, November 07, 2015

What is Our New Normal?

Yesterday was a typical fall day. The high got to 7C or 45F and people reported flakes of snow falling. The low surprised me -3C or 26F. This morning it is a balmy 7C or 45F. They say rain but the clouds are lighter than they were when we got up.


The Spousal Unit thanks those who gave him good wishes for his treatment. He met for his orientation and got the message that he doesn’t go in until Tuesday morning for his treatment. I can take him in but he has to take a taxi home as I work at 1:30 pm. He felt frustrated about that but knows it is out of his control.

Jill came home late in the afternoon. She is prancing around begging for food. She has a special diet for a week and she loves the food so much her dish is shining clean from licking it. She slept all night for us which is good. The person who works night shift at the clinic cleaned her up, trimmed her, and trimmed her nails so she is feeling good about that. She was a mess from being sick.


I worked an 8 hour shift and came home tired. We were busy serving customers and trying to keep the fabric put away and the store looking neat and tidy. The requests were interesting though. Re-covering chairs and making a headboard were two I helped. Another was a headband for a 1920’s flapper costume. That was fun giving lots of ideas on what to choose. I also helped a lady choose fabric for three floating capes made from lightweight fabrics. There is a lot of flannelette, fleece, and quilting cottons being cut also. Some really great ideas and colour choices.


I moved quite a bit of sewing stuff to the basement and am lining the walls of one room. It is the boxes I had sorted in the summer and stashed in our bedroom. Five or six more trips and our room will be empty of sewing items.

The boxes I put fabric into have the lids off them so I can add to the boxes. I do have more boxes to assemble for other fabrics. I will be opening some of the moving boxes and putting items into their proper containers. Others like books will be moved to the basement unopened. I am looking forward to doing this.

Today, I am off work so we will be grocery shopping, moving items downstairs, and I am going to sew.

Until tomorrow……………………………

Friday, November 06, 2015

Another Busy Day

Yesterday was a bit warmer with a high of 9C or 48F. It was sunny when I was outside. People were saying their communities had snow falling in the morning. Today is suppose to be wet and windy.


I worked an 8 hour shift yesterday and we got a lot accomplished. By the time we were finished for the day, all the bolts of fabric were put away and many areas tidied up. I don’t know what the late shift was going to do if it was quiet in the store. I guess put new inventory away.

Our dog, Jill, spent the day and night at the vets. She stopped eating and was very uncomfortable. She has an infection in her stomach so is on medication via an IV drip. They called just before closing to say she ate some and had a trip outside. 

The Spousal Unit had his visit with the oncologist who will supervise his treatment. He was told that he can’t have dental work done, can eat what he wants, and there are very few side effects. He was told his first treatment can take up to 6.5 hours on Monday and he might have to go in again on Tuesday to finish up the treatment. That is the worst case scenario. Best case, he will be home in 4 hours.


We were so busy getting the store cleaned up that I didn’t look at much fabric except bolts of flannelette, fleece, and quilting cottons. I wanted to look at fabrics for a vest for Daughter.


I did knit 8 to 10 rows on the scarf last night. Slow but sure is the name of the game. It will get done.

Today, I work another 8 hour shift. Maybe, just maybe, I can look at the fabric for Daughter’s vest. The Spousal Unit goes back to the clinic for orientation and, hopefully, he can pick up the dog from the vet.

Until tomorrow……………..

Thursday, November 05, 2015

One Project Sewn

Yesterday was a chilly one. We got to a high of 6C or 43F. There was a chance of snow last night but it didn’t happen. Clear and freezing. This a.m. there is some fog. And they are calling for snow flurries this morning and sun this afternoon.


I had a busy day again yesterday. I was out to get prescriptions and other items needed in the house while the Spousal Unit is getting chemo. I also had to make a stop to get him a tool to punch holes in metal.

In the afternoon, the person who was recommended to us about refinishing our floors showed up. He can do the floors in three to four days at the end of November. That means I have to move as many boxes to the basement as possible and then we have to hire someone to load the big stuff into a storage can. We are taking the basement suite off the market until Jan. 1. We will live down there while the floors are being done and then unpack boxes down there during December. A better scenario for us.

The Spousal Unit got the hanger and vertical pieces on the wall in the sewing room closet. It will only take half an hour to finish up once the floors are done.


I am pretty excited to see it at this stage. Yes! Yes! Yes!


I got to sew for two hours in the afternoon. I made this Everything Bag. It is the same size as the knitting project bag I bought. I did spend some extra time making sure that the directional prints were correct.


It is done except for the cording. I followed the pattern pretty much as she wrote it. The only thing I did was make the casing 3/4” wide as I am  using cording. I only had the bag open on one side. I sewed the other side from top to bottom.


I just have to knot the two cords together and seal the ends so they don’t fray. 

I think there is enough of the rabbit and polka dot fabrics left to make a zippered bag for knitting notions. After that I will make a bigger one for larger sized knitting projects. I am pretty happy with this pattern which means I will buy the pattern for the other 7 sizes. 

And it felt awesome to sew.


I knit last night and got 1.5” done. I did a quick block of the scarf and still have about 7” left to knit before I change patterns. I hope to knit on it most evening this week. It will be fun to start the next pattern which is driving me to complete the lace part.

Today, I am at work for 8 hours. The Spousal Unit is taking the dog to the vet and is at the cancer clinic this afternoon. I would love to get some of the boxes out of our bedroom and downstairs today. We will see if that happens.

Until tomorrow……………………………