Thursday, August 17, 2017

An Overful Plate

With less smoke, we are seeing more sunshine and warmer temperatures. We are having a bit of summer in our area, something we thought would never happen with all the smoke from the wildfires.


Life has been stressful these last few months. I am coping but only by a thread. Trying to beat last year's goal was difficult and it took its toll on several of us. Add to it inventory and wildfires and I was not sleeping well. Then time crept on and we started wondering about the Spousal Unit's check up on Sept. 7. How well will he be is a constant concern as we get closer to the date. Should we or shouldn't we sell this house was thrown onto the table for us to mull over. Less sleep was result of that as my plate was overflowing and my mind was overactive. I was becoming a wreck.
We talked and got no where so I headed to the basement to clean it up. Best thing I did. I was really in hiding and I was okay with that. I also realized my SAD was back and started on light therapy. Life improved and so did our discussions.
As we hauled out boxes to the thrift shop and paint to recycle, we talked. The talking spilled over to the dinner table. We have a plan that covers the following.
  1. We will be selling this house as the real estate market is hot in our community. We should make a tidy profit.
  2. We will wait until after Sept. 7 to make a decision on where we will live. It all hinges on the Spousal Unit's check up.
  3. I will probably stop working.  
  4. We will enjoy our trip to Nova Scotia. We want to look around the area Son lives in, go to their fall fair, see some areas where my family lived and have fun.


I ironed some of the fabric I had laundered yesterday afternoon. I actually got 8 or 9 pieces done and ready to be put into a box.
My plan for sewing is to finish up the black gown for the dolls and then sew Grandson a pair of pillow cases for his bed. Lime green, grey, white and black soccer ball themed fabric. My wish to sew bags has gone on the back burner as I need to declutter the basement living room prior to going back to Nova Scotia. Truth be known, it really needs to be done by the end of the month.


I have been knitting on the toque but only two to four rows at a time. I seem to fall asleep in the evenings. The toque will get done even if I have to knit in the mornings before work.


 I work a middle shift and get home off at 7 p.m. I work the late shift tomorrow and early on Saturday. I am hoping to get a bit of work done tomorrow before work. That remains to be seen. Sunday is a rough day for me as I will be tired but I will push on to get things done.
Until the next time.............................

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

House Cleaning Continues

After a couple of days of sunshine and clear skies, the wind blew and the smoke came back. Not as thick as before but still enough to affect people. Cooler mornings are allowing us to go out and do a few things.


We were outside this morning cleaning up the front of the house. The house has been swept off, porch hosed down, and the basement stairwell cleaned up. We ended up our outside time pulling some weeds. A great time outside for both of us.
Inside the house, I cleaned the second bedroom and a small hall in the basement. That included putting our pictures in a box until we decide what to do. While I was doing that, the Spousal Unit did a bit of work in the laundry room and I can now finish cleaning it up. It was a job well done for both of us.
I washed some cottons and while they were drying, I ironed some cotton I had washed a while ago. It is all folded up and ready to be put away.
At this point, we had a headboard, four boxes and a tub full of comic books. We put them in the Explorer and took them to a thrift shop. I am happy it is all gone as it was stressing me out being in the area I had to clean up next.
In all it was a good day. Tomorrow, it is grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning the upstairs. It will be nice to have the house clean when I go back to work. While working, I will put together a game plan for the sewing room.
Until the next time...........................

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Few Clear Sky Hours

Yesterday we saw the sun, the hills, and the planes landing at 9 p.m. The smoke left at 4 p.m. and, with the sun, came a hot day. It got to 36.4C or 97.5F. This morning, there is some smoke once again in our valley due to fires both to the east and north west of us. Not like before but it could thicken up during the day.


With days and days (about 5 weeks) of smoke, we lived in a 1 km or 5/8 mile bubble of visibility. It was gloomy and we had to have lights on all day. People not only complained about respiratory issues, they complained about their SAD. It hit me Wednesday like a ton of bricks. Out came my lamp and I took more Vitamin C and D.
We have been busy cleaning up the house. We are working in the basement apartment and have done quite a bit. The rooms that are done are empty except for some items I have stored in the closets. Those items will be examined and dealt with.
As we clean up, we are replacing all the light bulbs with LED bulbs. It was a goal of ours and it will be done soon. With cleaning came light repairs which causes the air to turn blue. We aren't good at changing out light fixtures.
Outside, we are sweeping down cobwebs, sanding to paint and cleaning up the yard. We want to get some work done as it is keeping us active and feeling better mentally. Less smoke in the air means we can work outside and get some jobs we wanted to do done. We are behind in that department.


I have done no sewing and no tidying up in the sewing area. I am getting closer to tackling it. Another space that needs to be looked at and thought out. It works but it certainly gets messy in a hurry.
The store has a new thread in and I am planning on getting some. It is designed for active wear. I'll report on it when I do an outfit for the dolls using the thread. The dolls want a t-shirt and capris out of active wear fabric in a bright and cheerful color.


I am off work today and will tackle the second bedroom in the basement. It probably won't get finished but I'd like to get some of it done. If I have time, I need to get items into boxes to go to the thrift store.
Until the next time.............................

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Life Goes On Admist the Smoke

Another smoky day in our neck of the woods. The air quality hasn't been as bad as it was last week. We are sitting at a 9/10 at 5 a.m. this morning.
The Elephant Hill fire is now at 110 000 hectares. The wind we had on Friday made it take off and it has started coming east towards Kamloops. We are still safe though many others are evacuated. Daughter had to move her horses once again due to the fire's direction. We do not need any more wind to stir up the fire and set it off again.   
Our temperatures have been in the low 30C (88-92F) and everything is growing well.

Our little peach tree is doing well and we will be eating fruit soon. The watermelons are almost ripe. With the temperatures where they are, everything is growing fast.
The upstairs of the house is now clean and I am ready to work in the basement. It isn't dirty but more dusty. I am hoping to have it done in two weeks. One early morning will be outside cleaning up the front entrance of the basement suite. Then it will be inside.
The yard still needs some tidying up. I am thinking early mornings to do a bit and then indoors. We did the big weeds at the edge of the lawn one morning and got it done before it got too warm and smoky. It all comes down to planning.
Elliott has a new toy and is thoroughly enjoying it. He goes inside it once in a while but he spends most of his time beating up the outside.
He still loves to help me knit.
And his favourite past time activity is to sleep in our chairs.
Sewing is on the back burner until the house is clean. It will happen again as I have the urge to sew.
Until the next time..........................

Friday, August 04, 2017

Missing In The Smoke

Am I missing?
I could be.
It wouldn't be hard.
The smoke from the wildfires is so thick, we have had visibility as low as 1 km. That is 5/8 mile.
Can't see the hills around us most of the day.
No planes in or out and the bombers weren't allowed to fly for parts of the day.
The air quality has been as high as 49/10.
That's right 49/10.
No outdoor activities.
Unless you go to Sun Peaks where the air quality is great.
If you have to work outdoors, you wear a face mask and you are inside after x minutes outdoors.
No mail service as the post people can't be outside.
Many people (me included) have had reactions to the smoke; eyes and nose running, throat sore and dry, and some shortness of breath when outside.
So thanks to lightening strikes, badly done back fires, arsonists, and carelessness, BC has
Wildfires currently burning
Wildfires since April 1, 2017
Hectares burned since April 1, 2017
I've had my bottle of water so back to bed. It will be a day off when I get up.
One full of smoke so more housework will be done.
Looking forward to the day there is no more smoke.
Until the next time...........................

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hot With Fires

It was hot yesterday. The high was 36.6C or 98F. With the heat came fire activity.


We had seen that one area north and west of us had to be re-evacuated as the fire turned back into their area. They are all back in our city and they must feel stressed.
In the afternoon, we watched a lot of water bomber activity in the air going north. The planes were lining up to land at the airport. There was a fire near the ski hill.
A third fire was reported in the Fraser Canyon with the highway closed. Have heard nothing more about that fire.
In early evening, I got a text with a picture of smoke south and east of us. A fire was blazing on the way to Vernon. People were evacuated quickly, road closed and the water bombers lined up to load at the airport to supress that fire. Those planes were active until almost dark.  
We did watch the water bombers from inside the house as their landing path was going down the river to the airport. We can see all planes land and take off from our kitchen window. When the Spousal Unit went to water the plants last night, he saw four bombers lined up to land for more fuel and the fifth one was leaving the airport. Activity lasted until almost dark when they all came in for the night.
BC will continue to live on high alert. We are heading into another hot spell. Everything is tinder dry.
Life in our house was mundane. I degreased and scrubbed the tops of the kitchen cabinets. They were disgusting as no one had touched them since they were put in about 5 or 6 years ago as they were topped with crown moulding. We removed it when the kitchen was updated. They are now shiny and white and ready for me to continue cleaning the insides of them.
We did talk about the outside of the house and need to get a real estate agent's opinion on what to do out there. The yard is beautiful and we need to finish up around the shed and paint it. Our big question is how much of the house do we paint. The front and the trim around the doors and windows needs doing. Our question is -- Will that be enough?
Other than scrubbing and cleaning, I did not do much of anything else. Today I work the late shift and have tomorrow off.
Until the next time....................

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Whirling and Twirling Thoughts

We are starting our next hot spell. The temperature yesterday was 32.8C or 91F. Everyone was complaining as they had got use to the cooler weather. We need to brace ourselves for the next blast of hot air.


My mind is whirling with thoughts and it is hard to shut it off. It comes when I do a lot of house cleaning after a renovation. Yup, I am cleaning for the second time after the renovation and am doing a deep clean. Every corner of this house is getting a good scrubbing.
Why do I do this thinking floats in my mind. Mostly because I find cleaning mindless work and partly because I may be looking at change. What is whirling and twirling in my head?
  1. Retirement -- Is it time to stop working and stay at home and do more with the Spousal Unit and my crafts?
  2. Move -- should we sell and move away to be closer to our Grandson?
  3. Dolls -- should I do pattern design, sell doll clothes at craft bazaars or both?
These will continue to whirl and twirl in my head as I clean the house. It is me and it will always be me. Will anything come out of it? Who knows, but I do know
  1. I want to buy three dolls to sew for. They are expensive dolls so I need to start budgeting for them.
  2. I need to clean the house and will do so as I have time. What I have done looks amazing.
  3. I will keep sewing for the dolls as I enjoy it very much.
The end result will be a clean house and maybe a plan.
Until the next time.....................

Monday, July 24, 2017

Life is Mundane But Good

It is cool this morning at 11C or 52F. This is our second coolest morning since the wildfires began. Our highs have ranged from 31C or 88F to 35C or 95F. The worst has been the winds that come in and fan the flames. It is near the end of July and people want winter to arrive.


People are heading home now after the fires though the city still has a lot of evacuees in it. Most are in good spirits looking at their time in the city as a holiday. They are certainly strong people.
Daughter texted last night to say they had a sand and ash storm due to the wind. Shortly after that she said there was a hay fire up by the highway. The people lost their dairy barn and then their hay barn full of hay caught on fire. She then heard there was a fire up towards the mine she works at but no confirmation on that. We had a lot of wind also and about 30 drops of rain. You could smell smoke but it was a whiff now and again.
Life in our house is quiet and mundane. I have been cleaning house and the bedrooms, bathroom and entry is done. I have started in the kitchen. Got the pantry cleaned out and started on the next bank of cupboards. Empty, wash, reload. Not much to let go of, more just cleaning everything up. It is slow going but I am getting it done. I have to bring in the tall ladder and clean the tops of the cupboards. I spray them with a degreaser, let them set for 10 minutes, and the grease and grime comes off easily. After they are clean, I will put wax paper on the tops to keep them clean.
The windows need cleaning but that won't be done until later on. With all the smoke and ash we have had, they are a mess but I am waiting for another month before tackling them. Hopefully the fires will be out and the ash settled with a good rainstorm.


I haven't done any sewing as I need to buy some bias tape to finish the seams of the black dress.


I finished the ballet sweater and it needs blocking before sewing it together and knitting the front/neck edge on it. I started a toque for the dolls out of the remaining  yarn.


I will continue to discount notions and prepare to order what we need. It won't be a big order but we do need some items that sold out after I put in my last orders. Tonight I will knit more on the doll's toque.
Until the next time.............................

Friday, July 21, 2017

Some Rain, More Smoke

We had rain yesterday. It came down off and on all day. By dinner time, the smoke was back in and we could smell it in the house.


We have been safe with all the wildfires in B.C. The fires are all around us be we are not affected. Just heavy smoke that is hard on allergies and breathing. We changed the filter in the furnace today and it was filthy dirty due to the smoke in the air. Will do it again at the end of the month.
We have watched a lot of water bombers and helicopters land and take off from the airport. The circle over our house for landing. The bird dogs are harder to spot but they are out there.
Family had a good visit with us. It was warm and smoky but the day we went on the steam train it was lovely.
We saw a beautiful church that has been lovingly restored.
The stained glass windows were beautiful. 
The dancers were wonderful and Grandson told them they sure danced good.
We even experienced a train robbery.
We had a great time.
It has been mundane since then with house work, laundry, and work.


I have not sewn a stitch since July 6. My focus is on the house at the moment.


I am knitting a sweater for the dolls. I have to buy another ball of yarn to finish it up. Hopefully there will be enough yarn left to knit a beret.
I also spent a lot of time going through the yarn I have and inventoried it on Ravelry. There is about 6 skeins of yarn that I am getting rid of. Am happy with what I got done as I have wanted to do that for a while now.


I work the late shift so need to fold laundry and clean up a bit more in the house.
Until the next time...................

Friday, July 07, 2017

Hot Outside?

We got to 102F yesterday. I even saw the thermometer in the car say 40C or 104F.
The weather person says it is to cool off to the mid to low 30C for the next few days. That is the mid 90F.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Bullet Journal - Horizontal Dutch Door

The high yesterday was 35C or 95F. It is suppose to be another warm one today.
Elliott got a new perch which he will sleep on if we put him on it. He does like it and has clawed on it several times.

Bullet Journal

The next week is planned. I did a Dutch door.
On the right hand side, I cut the top half off three pages and then put Washi tape on the top of each page to give it some durability.
On the top half of the two pages I drew rectangles for the days of the week. It was then I discovered the left hand page had a dot defect.
You can hold the bottom line up one row if you want but I chose not to.
Next I divided the large rectangles into three boxes for the days of the week. Saturday and Sunday share a box. The headings in each box is your choice. I did the date with the day of the week in a circle. You could do the opposite.
On the bottom of each half page, I put the day of the week so I can do some planning in each one.
And I filled in the top with important information and have since added the Spousal Unit's dentist appointments in both the top and bottom sections.
I am thinking of adding a small calendar to show the week we are in, meals we ate, and an important to do list. It is being sketched in pencil right now. I keep reminding myself this is a work in progress.
Until the next time.....................

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day
It was a warm one yesterday with a high of 36C or 96F. Not to 100F yet but I am sure we will see it that hot this summer.
With the heat, we stayed in the house and kept cool. Some of the things I did was to
  • sew on the doll's ball gown. I also spent as much time un-sewing.
  • Search on Google
The ball gown is coming along but I need to make sure it fits. That may mean un-sewing two front princess seams.
Google searching was much more productive. I really had a blast doing it off and on during the day.
One of the things I look for is Canadian designers. As you know from a previous post, I found esheep designs. The author of the blog lives in Edmonton, Alberta and does some neat designing and customizing of patterns.
Since finding her, a customer told me about another Canadian designer who not only designs but sells bag hardware. Emmaline Designs is full of wonderful ideas. Her shop is fabulous. She has oblong grommets that I love, wire frames for a bag pattern she offers for free. The owner of this site also lives near Edmonton, Alberta (Spruce Grove). (Thank you for the correction, Rochelle). The customer who told me about her, commented that she ships promptly. My heart sings when I find Canadian sites. I know they are out there but they can be hard to find.  
I work the Canada Day weekend which is fine with me.
Until the next time......................

Friday, June 30, 2017

Filling in the Bullet Journal

We are having warm days with a high yesterday of 32C or 90F. We are expecting this for the next week. Summer is here.

Bullet Journal

I started filling in my bullet journal. I am focusing mainly on sewing and blogging and may include more knitting as time goes on.
This page has remained the same. I will highlight the rest of the week the family is here when I know how long. Thankful thoughts will be done during the month.
I started filling in this page in pencil. I have to add more to the to do list for the month. I did a list of what I need to buy for July's sewing projects and added a ball of yarn so I can start knitting again. All these items will be bought at the fabric store.
For blogging, I have put down what I need to have for general blogging posts. These are ideas and I will add more as I start blogging. I may end up post-it noting this section so I can move it from month to month.
My sewing list looks long for July with family visiting. I have to remember that I can migrate them to August if necessary. If this is my two month sewing list, I will be okay with it. They are not done in order of sewing preference but in random order. The doll dress is last but I am doing it first.
As I move to the next page, I have started to think about the blogs I want to write. As I sew each item, I will take pictures of the process. The doll's dress I will do a review on it in two locations. More on that later. I have written down what I need to buy at the local yarn shop for some knitting projects for the dolls. I will also track the patterns I am knitting for them. I do have a notebook I keep track of my knitting process in so I can refer back to it when I make the same item again.
I added a piece of Washi tape to this page and will be for jotting notes on. I may put in how many meters I have sewn for each project. I am leaving it up to what ever hits me at that time.
The next page is blank and I may end up using it for a grocery list of items to buy for when family is visiting. I am now ready to set up the next week which will be a Dutch door.
Until the next time..................... 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bullet Journal and Sewing

We had a cooler day yesterday with the temperature at 24C or 85F. Overnight was cool with a 6 a.m. temperature of 13C or 55F. We slept with windows wide open.

Bullet Journal

I got July 1-2 page done. I work those days so not much will done at home. The bottom part will be some ideas to do when family is here. The page beside it will either be a prep for family coming/shopping list/meal ideas.


I cut the doll's ball gown pattern out, taped it together, and have it on the fabric ready to pin down. I will be serging all the seams and the serger is ready -- black thread on it and set up to use three threads.
I have been doing a lot of internet searches for a wallet and have some ideas book marked. Time will tell what I do but I want to do it while I am in bag making mode.
I will be watching Joan Hind's Craftsy course on bag making and doing a set of her bags first. Then it will be the bag for me with an insert and then..............down the deep hole of google searches. And I need to make more doll outfits. With what I have piled on the cutting table, I will be busy for a while.
The reversible bullet bag got great reviews at the store. I am pleased with it; it is easy to pack and looks good.


I am thinking of revamping the look of my blog and am going to be busy looking at ideas in the evening. Not sure what I want to do but it is time for a change.


After successfully finishing tagging/coding/condensing all the garment fabrics, we did some clean up around the store. Today, I start counting the notion's overstock. We are doing well at being ready for inventory day.
Until the next time...........................

Monday, June 26, 2017

Four Projects Finished

The reversible bucket bag is done and I do like it. I still am upset with the pattern.
The bag is made out of quilting cotton that is a family grouping. The outer bag fabric has a woven fusible medium weight interfacing (Pellon SF 101) fused to it. The inner cotton has a black fusible fleece (Pellon) fused to it. Counting the interfacing and fleece, there is 2.5 meters of fabric in this bag.
The bag comes from the book "The Bag Making Bible" by Lisa Liam. The full size pattern in the back of the book is an asset and it was marked as Chapter 2 which gave the tutorial on the bag.
The bag was probably meant as an easy sew and the instructions seem to assume a person knew what they were doing. If not, they were poorly written. Though the pictures were well taken, they didn't add to the instructions. When making the bias binding, you had to go to the back of the book for instructions. Cutting a 4" wide piece of fabric to put through a bias tape maker of the largest size to make a 1" binding was impossible. I made the binding using the method of folding it in half, pressing, unfolding and bringing the raw edges to the middle and pressing.
When I sewed the bag, my biggest mistake (my problem not the books) was to sew the base in incorrectly. I did it to both the outer and lining bag bodies. I took them out and got them back in neatly again. I did not like how she stated to make pleats if the base didn't fit. My thought - make the base to fit the bag when you drafted it.  
I put the strip of bias on the seam allowance when I put the base in wrong. When I fixed the base, I left the trim on and really like it.
The button loop wasn't life threatening; probably because the instructions made sense. I got the bias trim on the back and front doing it my way. Sew, turn, pin, hand stitch down and then top stitch. The handles were another story. I could not find the instructions for them. As there were two pieces, I put them on separately and it was wrong. I looked and thought and said a few unkind words before I sewed those two pieces together with a 3/8" seam. Those seam allowances matched up at the side seams. I sewed the binding to the top of the purse, turned them, hand sewed them down and then top stitched all the way around. Once at the bottom of the binding and once at the top.
The bag is roomy and holds everything with space left over. It is fun and practical at the same time.
If I decide to make this bag again, I will have to remember all the pitfalls of this pattern. I would not recommend it to a beginner unless it was done in a class setting one step at a time.
On a more positive note, I cut out and made three 40" square scarves (called Cowboy Rags) for Daughter. The cutting out was the hardest part. Once I got the serger set up and sewing a nice rolled hem, I zinged through those scarves.

The top two fabrics are a satiny polyester and weren't too hard to cut out. The flower fabric was a lighter weight, more slippery and harder to cut out in a square. I did succeed. They are ready to put into the Christmas gift box. That was a total of 3 meters used up in the course of 2 hours. I have enough of the flower fabric left to make an infinity scarf. I will need a piece of black crepe and some lace to make it for me.
Today was sweet success.

Missing Bag Instructions - Not in the Book

We had a cloudy and very warm day yesterday. Even with the cloud coverage, it got to 36C or 97F. The a/c was running at 4 a.m. this morning as it is still warm outside. The a/c is off but will be on again soon.


We got the boards up for the door track and it is held up with 6 screws. It got too hot to do any more than that. Today is a no go as it is too warm to be out there even if it is cloudy.
It will be another inside day and maybe tomorrow, the Spousal Unit can finish up the door track and I can help him Wednesday morning I can help with the metal track prior to going to work.


The reversible bucket bag that I am making from the Bag Making Bible got the handles put on and then ripped off and put on again my way. I read and reread the instructions and they are missing the handles (straps). I did a search and found that someone else made the same comment. And, I found the pattern free.
In the end, I sewed the two long strips together with a 3/8" seam, pressed it back into a 1" bias strip. The seams I pinned at the side seams and sewed them to the bag stopping where the bag ended. I have the edges turned to the wrong side ready to hand stitch, then top stitch so the handles are sewn closed. By the time I got ready to hand stitch I was upset and decided the book can go to the thrift shop.
I have calmed down some this morning but am not happy with the book. I moved on and will talk about the bag after I finish it. I decided that I needed to find a bag pattern big enough for me to carry when we head to Nova Scotia in the fall. My journey began with a Google search on the book I am using. I looked at about 30 patterns and then I somehow scored on this bag in Pintrest.
I found the free pattern advertising here and then the full tutorial here. I had to read all the comments and that lead me to a person who customized the bag. I was on a roll. And really excited when I read her blog post.
Part One
Part Two 
The fabric is on the table and ready to go. Then, I read this wonderful blogger did a bag organizer. You can pick up the pdf on Craftsy. I can see this carrying both our iPads and other items from my purse.
I would love to start this towards the end of July and migrate it to August. I will add it to the bottom of my project sheet. I do have to get some black piping, a black zipper, some grommets or ?, and a bag latch.

Bullet Journal

I have to work on July 1/2 and the following week. I am struggling with July 1/2 as it is only two days and I work both of them. Maybe I need to find some stickers and fill up the page with that.


I am off work and need to shop, do a load of laundry, wash some floors and finish the bag.
Until the next time................................

Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Few Thoughts

We had it warm yesterday ~ 33.3C or 92F. It is suppose to be warmer today. The humidity dropped to 14% which is nice. Today is suppose to be warmer with a high of 36C or 97F. Not as hot as some areas but warm for us.


We have almost finished coding all the fabrics. I am hoping I can do the last check on Tuesday and then add density numbers on signs and pink slips to some areas and drop fabrics flat on the tables. We have condensed as much as we can and are busy trying to keep the fabrics in their correct spots. At times we look like we are lost trying to locate where a bolt of fabric goes. We laugh a lot about it.
The Spousal Unit is trying to get the doors replaced on the large shed and today I have to help him with two boards. That has to be done soon due to the heat.


My goal is to finish the bag I have been sewing on. To keep life exciting, I did the same mistake to the lining as I did to the outer bag. Both are fixed and the first two pieces of bias trim are on the top. Top stitching and onto the handles.
Once done, I will be sewing up the fabric pile on the cutting table. I am looking forward to doing simple items for a couple of months. Most will be gifts to family. There is a couple of doll's dress planned also.

Bullet Journal

I need to do July 1 and 2 in the bullet journal and then plan out the next week. I have ideas in my head and need to choose one. Once I get started, I will do them up quickly.


I am off work for 2 days and have to do some house work and sewing. Looking forward to having the time off before we head into the final stages of inventory.
Until the next time.............................

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bullet Journal - Monthly Log completed

Once I watched a couple more videos, I was able to finish most of my monthly log. 
I finished the second page of the spread by adding a To Do list and below it, I divided the Sewing into two parts so I can include blogging.
On the calendar of the previous page, I added in some dates and put a strip of Washi tape down the edge so I can find it easily. I also added a tab with July on it.
The next two pages (called a spread) have pages taped on them. I got them from the blog called The Fold Line.
The above page allows you to cover several months of planning but I am going to use it for one month only and maybe add a few ideas for the following month. I don't think I'll plan that far ahead. My goal is to use up my stash and this will allow me to see my progress on my projects. I may even add the total yardage used.
This page allows me to plan my blogging. I can start a blog and put it into a draft or schedule it to show up on my blog down at a later date. Again, it is only for one month with and idea or two added for the next month.
I also added a little graph for weight loss. If I want to add a graph for eating properly at breakfast, lunch and dinner, I can or I do what ever I want, such as sewing ideas for the future (Christmas gifts pop into mind). If nothing happens, I will add stickers to fill the space.
Next is our weekly planner and I have done some research on Dutch doors. I need to think about what I have seen and design what I want. Soon, I will be starting to fill in those pages as July is coming faster than I thought.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Bullet Journal - Monthly Log

With July rapidly approaching, I decided to set up the monthly log. I watched a lot of videos, looked at pintrest. All I can say is wow! what a lot of creativity and ideas. I decided that I would be doing one layout and if it doesn't work, then I can change it for August.
This month's log is fairly simple. The first page is done and I have at least one to two more pages to go before I start the weekly log.
 I made July's calendar at the top of the page. I did it in pencil first and have since erased the pencil marks away. This allows me to track my days off, when family visits, birthdays, and anything else I want to see at a glance. I will put both Dave's and my appointments on it.
Below the calendar, I added a strip of Washi tape. It is just to divide the page into two parts and it looks nice. I may do a strip of Washi tape down the side as it is an important page to flip to. I will also add a tab to this page.
Next I added Thankful Thoughts. This allows me to record things we did, projects completed, and anything else I am thankful for.
On the next page I will be having two columns; a To Do List for the month and Sewing Projects/blogging. I am thinking about how they will look -- vertical or horizontal. Then I have to pen out the goals in each area. It has to be realistic and attainable.
On the next two pages, I will have be using two sewing planners (sewing projects and blogging) and a small weight loss chart. That will be the extent of my monthly planner.
I will do these pages on Sunday as I have to write out my to do list, projects and design the next spread. After that I will do the weekly log and I have a design feature I want to try; Dutch doors.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bullet Journal - Setting Goals

The goals page supplies are three  items:
  • 05 micron pen (black)
  • Paper Mate Ink Joy pen 0.7 in blue
  • Highlighter in blue
I chose to keep this page simple as it is my goals and I want to read them easily.
At the top of the page, I wrote goals in capital letters, boxed it, shadow boxed it and coloured the shadow box in the same colour as the printing.
You can see I added stars to the oops I had. That is part of life that I needed to fix up.
The goals part of the page is set up was difficult to choose. People had two columns and the goals were listed for themselves and family. I finally found a couple that went into goals, outcomes and action plans and made my decision. I wrote each goal out on post it notes and then did bullet journal.
Goals are not that hard to do. You decide on what your goal is. Is it attainable? Is it a short or long term goal? You need to decide that for yourself. My goal of loosing weight is long term. It will happen later rather than sooner for very specific reasons. I keep plugging away at - one step forward, two steps back it seems.
Next you decide your purpose. Why or what is your purpose for having that goal? One of my goals is to have a small or non-existent stash of fabric and yarn. Why or what is my purpose of that goal? To plan one project at a time rather than have many ideas rolling in my head and not getting to them in a timely fashion.
Lastly you plan on your action plan which is what do I need to do. For my stash it is to sew and not buy though I am allowed to buy some fabric and notions to finish projects or to try a new project that I can do immediately. Am I going on a fabric fast? Not really. But I want to sew more meters than I buy. I really want 3 pieces of fabric for doll clothes and yes, I will buy them. I haven't seen any other fabric I want. So, I will buy those 3 pieces and not buy anything else at the moment except for those notions I will need for project I have queued.
I didn't finish my goals page as there could be more to add to the list. And, yes, retire is on the list with set a date. My purpose changes daily and right now all is private in that domain.
 Next up will be a simple monthly log. Mine will be real simple and will include my goals, what I want to sew, blogging and weight loss.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Design Feature

Yesterday's weather was cloudy and warm. The high was 25C or 77F but it was humid. It felt like it could rain but it didn't. Today will be a repeat of yesterday though we could see more sun.


I had yesterday off work and I was tired. It could have been the humidity but it could be the fact I am still catching up from working late on Friday night. I hate working late nights. I never seem to catch up on my sleep.
I have been mulling over the craft bazaar/farmer's market thing for 48 hours now and am a bit confused if I want to do it or if I want to go another route. Will it be online with doll clothes or ?? I know there are a lot of craft bazaars in our area in October to December. I'll have to think about it so I can do my goals for the Bullet Journal.


I worked carefully and diligently on the handbag yesterday and when I finished the part I was doing, I had a whoops. I had put in the oval base and had the side seams in the center front and back. As the top of the bag is the same no matter what, I dug out the bias tape makers, cut some bias tape, ironed it with fusible tape on it and covered the seams. Now I have something added onto the handbag while hiding the seam.  
I'll do the lining correctly and will make a note in the book about this design feature so I won't do it again.
I went out to look in two stores in our area. One was a wool shop and I lasted 10 minutes in there. The lady has very little stock in more square footage than her previous store. I look at her store as a huge studio for her to do her knitting in. I walked out without her saying a word to me.
The other shop is a quilting store and the ladies were so kind and helpful. I bought four pieces of fabric; half for the doll and half for a couple of zippered bags.
The main piece was this lovely print and it screamed doll dress and the main part of the zippered bag.
Next I added this for the top of the bag. It will be part of another outfit for the dolls.
I added this for the inside of the bag and for another piece for the dolls.
And this finished  up the selection. The bag is one they had on display and very cute.
The doll's outfit is Cute Cotton Candy.

I am leaning towards the top and capris and making them out of two different combinations of the pink and a golden yellow.


I am back to work for two days and then off for a day. Back to doing inventory which I need to have fashion done in 6 days. Yes, we can do it.
Until the next time...............................

Monday, June 19, 2017

More Rambling Thoughts

It was a slow day at the store yesterday. I guess father's want to do other things on their day of the year and it isn't shopping. The parking lot of the strip mall was about 25% filled all day.
I had the honour of cutting 14 meters of fabric for a teacher as her class made a yurt and needs to cover the inside with the fabric. Just imagine all the skills and learning those students got while making the yurt.
I had set my goals to sell doll clothes at a farmer's market but that isn't going to happen. A customer told me it won't work and to stick with craft bazaars. She was very kind and explained the whys which I needed to know.
If all goes well, I hope to hit the craft bazaars in late fall of 18. That isn't cast in stone as there could be bumps in the road, detours along the way, and unforeseen activities in our journey.
As I am off work today, I need to shop, get medications, clean house/laundry, and, hopefully a bit of sewing.
Until the next time........................

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rambling Thoughts

After a late night at work, rain, wind, and thunder, we start today with sunshine. And a sort of tired lady. She will survive and hopes the weather will be nicer today. 

Bullet Journal

I spent some time working on the next page. It is on post it notes and a sheet of paper I found here. I don't find wording goals hard or to make them accomplishable. We had to do that in teaching. Thinking of goals is harder. But I did get some down and most are personal. My goals consist of 

  • Loosing weight
  • Reducing the stash to a small pile or to nothing
  • Blog more consistently
  • Retire -- what will that look like
  • Take part in craft bazaars/farmer's markets and sell doll clothes and jewelry.
Now I just have to set up the page and blog about it. 


With the sewing room in the basement living room, I started a new bag. The bag has two pieces; the body and the bottom. But you cut those pieces from the outer fabric, the lining, interfacing and craft fleece. Then you cut bias binding to trim the bag's top edge and make the handles. 
I have the bag pieces traced and laid out on the outer fabric. I have to cut a second bag body out of that fabric. I did cut the bias binding, sewed it together, and am pressing it according to the directions. I need to read the directions again as I am a bit confused. Pictures will come when I get the binding figured out. Here is the fabric. 
The bottom two pieces are the outer and lining fabrics. The top piece is the bias binding. I would love to make the dolls something from the scraps otherwise they go to the trash bin. No keeping what I can't use. 
The bag I am making is the funky one on the cover of this book. 


I am working doing books and more inventory when I am not helping customers. I will be retiring to bed early tonight as I will be tired when I get home from work.