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Wardrobe Ideas

I killed all my plans for planning a wardrobe. They weren't working for me at all.

I am still trying to build a wardrobe to wear and I think I am over working it. I need a good basic wardrobe that is down right boring.

The Vivienne Files showed this wardrobe and I had an Ah-Hah moment. 

The basic wardrobe needs to be in solid colours that you love and can work together.
Coming to this realization I can see:


3 long or 3/4 length sleeve t-shirts in black, navy, white
2 shirts in chambray and white


1 pair blue jeans
1 pair black yoga pants (or 2 or 3)
1 pair black ponti pants (Barb pants)


Navy sweater
Grey zip up hoodie
Grey plaid 3/4 length coat

That makes a SWAP and then allows you to add to it through several colours as Janice did in her plan. They could be 6 PACs, one for each season. It is here you can add prints, checks, etc.

I'm all for this plan.

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